A Day Among Miniatures

Hi everyone!
Between cooking and visiting, I haven't had a lot of time to sew. Actually, I have done zero sewing for about a month now! Incredible... Every time I look at my sewing machine, it just seems to tell me 'nah, today is not your day, try again later' and huffily cocks its head in a very Miss Piggy-like manner. At least it would if it could... LOL.

But not sewing doesnt mean that I'm not doing anything else! Not at all. I had a very fun day on Friday, but I'll post about that later. Yesterday, the bf had to go to an event 'Military in Miniatures' where he was registered to raise interest for Warhammer. Those of you unfamiliar with Warhammer (and I'm totally explaining this in a very girly and possibly blonde way), it is a strategic game not unlike Risk but with miniatures and a ton of rules. Yes, I don't quite get it either, but the bf loves it so I happily tagged along and enjoyed the day. I took a lot of pics as well but they mainly show others playing which can look a little boring. I was assured though that playing the game is heaps of fun though.

Even though I'm not a fan of strategic games (really, strategy, me??), I love watching the painted miniatures. Some people are just amazing at painting them! I am very proud to say that the bf is one of them, or at least in my opinion :) As part of the raising interest, the bf was asked to bring some miniatures to showcase. No problem!

Here you can see a troupe of Eldar Harlequins in the front, the Avatar of Khaine, and a Revenant Titan in the back. Ok, maybe the Titan isn't so miniature but it looks amazing so it had to be displayed of course :)

His pride and joy, also more of a 'maxiture' as Peter Jackson called it, the Eldar Phanton Titan. It was too big for the display case so we had to put it on top *grin* I think the bf still wants to make some improvements on it but to me it looks amazing already!

To see more about his miniatures in particular, just go here. Hey a little advertising never hurt anyone! ;)

During all this, I had brought my cross stitch that I'd bought months back at the show in Alexandra Palace, and even though I've dragged it along on many weekends away and small events, I never actually started it! So I sat down, got installed, had my pattern, my cloth, my thread, my scissors... except... a needle!!! OMG so stupid!! Of course this event was quite in the middle of nowhere, but after a few hours it was time for the food run and I gladly volunteered provided they'd drive to a supermarket where they sell needles :) Score!!

So with only a few hours to go, I got this far. Can you tell what it will be yet? The bottom bit looks really messy I think but that's probably because I havent added any other colours to it... I needed the yellow to continue with the purple and my counting isnt that good otherwise LOL.

It was a nice event though and a change from what I normally attend. Plus I actually got to see a real Warhammer 40K game for once which means I now really know what the bf is talking about hihihi!


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