St Patrick's Day Weekend 2012

Fáilte everyone! 
That's Gaelic for welcome and appropriate for this time of year ;) I was going to blog much earlier but somehow one day of St Paddy's turned into two so I have more to tell and show you. As it would be just me this year celebrating, I kept it simple.

I still had mix for Halloween muffins and with a little tweeking and manage to make them just right for Paddy's Day :) I exchange the purple muffin cases for green ones with white polka dots and added green food colouring to the dough. I used the orange icing as well and kept the ghosts since they kind of look like crosses. All three Irish colours incorporated :)

I made these earrings a little while ago but didn't have the chance yet to show them off. So here you go :) I bought the glass beads last summer at a boat festival. I just love the colour! Yes, even though it's not purple ;)

 A few months ago, I won a fantastic giveaway and part of the pack of5 fat quarters that I received was this sparkly shamrock material. I was obviously not going to use this for anything else but St Patrick's Day so I had to make this :) I was up till 4am making this on Friday but it worked out quite well I thought. I do admit that I had to get used to it as it's a bit frilly for my liking and white! I glued green grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots on  a plain hairband, then glued the flower onto that.

So cupcakes done, hairband done, earrings done. I was ready to head out on Saturday night. I bought this top last year for only £2 at the charity shop and I love it :) I added a black ribbon to the waist as there was none where there was supposed to be and the colour matched the earrings exactly.

 I met a friend on town on what was supposed to be a party but then everyone else cancelled so my actual St Patrick's Day lasted about an hour ;) But I did get this brilliant pic of me with the Irish flag.

The St Patrick's Day Parade was on on Sunday. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go but as I'd never seen this one before I figured this was my chance. The weather was nice and I saw some great people. Like this boy for example who was dressed as a leprechaun. Isn't he cute? He was really wearing the whole outfit :)

There were lots of pipe bands and also some amazing costumes.

This pic is so funny, the Irish Prison Service Pipe Band! I somehow thought of Alcatraz when I read this...

The Olympics were also represented in this ingenious way. 

As was Irish dancing of course. Caught this girl in mid-jump. There were three girls but they had to dance for like 2 hours! It looked very tiring... 

Some very cute dresses. Can you imagine walking in these boots? They were so high!

 For an unknown reason there were lots of decorated nice cars in the parade, but this one sure was nice.

This girl was amazing! She was constantly dancing and her costume was made out of gold stars. Granted, there wasn't much of it but it looked really good on her. Her boots were amazing also. I love this picture as she is obviously having fun :)

Bystander wearing true Irish fashion. LOL nah just kidding! But he did look so funny! Someone spotted me taking this picture and they were laughing even harder at me than at the guy, hahaha... 

Yes I was actually there. As was my cupcake! LOL well I had to get it into the pic somehow ;) You can't see it very well here but I am wearing the headband of course :D

 At last I reached Trafalgar Square for the rest of the festivities. I just arrived at the speeches so I didn't stay very long, but had fun at the parade anyway :)

And that was my St Patrick's Day weekend! I have something else really exciting to tell you that I did on Friday actually, but that is for another post. If you're still celebrating: have fun, and if you're relaxing: enjoy that also. Big hugz from London!


  1. Sounds like a great day - love the photos!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. To think I didn't do ANYTHING this year... bleh. That starry lady really amazed me, she must have been SO cold- shame on the dude that only bared his (remarkable) butt. Seriously, could have presented a bit more man meat, right? Tiocfaidh ar la (well, within reason... )

  3. Looks like a fun day. You've done a good job with the headband. Again, I like the layered look of the flower.


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