London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 6

Good morning,
No, today I don't hunt for eggs. It's busy enough during the week and I am trying to avoid the masses a bit. Plus I've walked so much yesterday that I really need a day of cross stitching on the sofa. Yes, even if the weather outside is amazing. Having said that.... I need to meet a friend in Knightsbridge tonight and there are some eggs there. Maybe I can convince the bf to come with me ;)

Anywho, I finished zone 6 also. I had an interview in the area so that was the perfect reason to go to Piccadilly and hunt eggs in zone 6.

This egg was by far my favourite in this zone. It's inside Fortnum & Mason and it moves around the shop every day. Not on its own of course ;) But I love this one, plus the lady looks a lot like Maggie Smith, dont you think?

This one is also in Fortnum and Mason though in the window. I'm not sure if the egg is chocolate or if it's just fabric but it look lovely :)

This penguin is hilarious as it looks so cute and has lots of rhinestone detail on it.

Some eggs in this zone were a bit tricky to find though... but luckily I got this one :)

I might write another post later on, now it's time to cross stitch! Have a happy Saturday everyone!!


  1. Beautiful...Would have love to be there too.


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