London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 9

Good morning everyone!
Yes more eggs... can you believe I am currently dreaming about them? But I've finished some more zones so I have to share of course :) Not to worry, only a few more posts and then we're done. It's amazing how good I'm getting at this though! Although I have 2 more zones left and one of those is quite difficult so let's see and hope that I'm not jinxing it now ;)

Zone 9 was in Covent Garden, and since I had a lunch in the area it was a perfect time to visit the eggs :) Covent Garden is very touristy so I really needed my map for this one.

 But I found all the eggs :) Well, one was out for TLC but I've heard it's been returned now so as soon as I can I will visit said missing egg. Shame it's not in the collage now but if I wait until I've found it, we might be a few more days later so I thought it's ok. I will post an update asap :) This was a failry big zone so I hope you mind if I dont list each egg seperately. If you want to see them all in closeup, just click here for the zone information showing all the eggs.

Now for my favourites :) Yes, there were a few of course as ther always seem to be. Some of them are just ingenious!

But far my favourite is this one :) It's egg 96, Street Omage to Faberge as found in the Covent Garden Piazza. It really looks like a giant Easter egg (sorry) and I just love the colours and the huge bow :) Definitely my fav for the day.

 Then we have this lovely egg guard in Seven Dials, egg 123, Busby. He was a bit hard to photograph in daylight with the reflection, but you get the idea. 

Inside Paperchase in the Covent Garden Piazza I found egg 192, Pop. Brilliant idea, I would not have thought of this, a egg as a balloon!

 And last but not least egg 134, Sao Paolo Skyline as found inside a cute little candy store owned by Swedish people on Long Acre. Can you believe this entire egg is knitted?? Well, by that I mean the cover of course as I'm sure the inside would be solid. It's really well done and so crafty! See, even eggs can give one inspiration :)

And that concludes zone 9. Well, until they replaced the egg on the box that I found :) Maybe I will have a chance to visit today, who knows :) Have you seen my update on zone 8? I found the Post Egg Box yesterday as well so slowly the eggs are being returned which is great. Ok, I need some tea. Speak soon and have an eggcellent day!

UPDATE - 14 MARCH 2012:

 Egg 165 - Baby Ganesha's Nest has also been returned!

This was actually the VERY LAST egg I had to find so had to snap a quick pic to celebrate. Whoohoo! 


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