Olympia Stitch & Craft Show 2012

Hi everyone!
Oh my, this is two weeks ago already and I haven't told you about this yet! Shame on me... It was the weekend before me birthday and that always means: The Olympia Stitch & Craft Show is on! I wasn't sure if I should be going this year, with the whole not working at the moment thing and spending money issue. But then I figured that I deserved a little birthday treat and I have been extremely careful about spending money since I became a lady of leisure so to speak ;) Plus with the knitting magazine subscription that I won on FB a few months back, I actually got 50% off the entry ticket, and that was what made the final decision for me. I was going to the Stitch & Craft Show!

I booked my ticket for Friday. I figured agencies usually don't really call on Fridays and I wanted to keep Thursday open just in case. But because I didn't have to work, I didn't want to go on the weekend when everyone who was working would go and it would be way too busy. Well, I'm telling you that next year I will take the day off and go during the week again because it is so much better! It's still massively busy don't get me wrong, but there is just that little bit more space, and so many less prams and kids and pushing and shoving and desperation, that really makes it worth it :) Of course I took some pics just for my wonderful readers!

The top floor had a quilting exhibition of all the quilts that would be given to certain countries during the Olympics. I only realised this after a friend told me so I now have no idea which quilt goes to which country, but they were all on display. You can also see the Quilt4London banners here (I still have to make one, I have one more week!)

This must be the most amazing quilt ever! The colours, the depth, I am in shock by the detail of this quilt.

I really liked this one too, the colour scheme works so well. I am very far from ever making anything like this one ;)

I just had to share this one also. It might not be as intricate as the others but it was so cute! I love the simplicity of it and the colours :)

There were a lot of London quilts as well, here are three that I liked the most. The one on the far right makes me a little dizzy, but it's very fascinating.

Of course the top floor didn't only have the display of quilt, you could also participate by making a small block to be added to the Queen's Jubilee quilt which will be given to the Queen this year. They didn't have a purple piece, so I ended up with some pinks and blues, but there you go, my piece for the Queen's quilt. It even has my name on it :) The good thing was that we did this near the end of the day so there was no queue, very handy!

The top floor also had the knitting bits. Check out this knitted village! So funny!

I took some detailed photos to show you the best pieces. Can you see the recycling bins on the top left? And the wedding on the top right? Don't know what to do with the knitting nancy cords your kids keep making? Make a swing like on the bottom left! And the thatched house on the bottom right was just too cute :)

We found this book stall and there was this purple cat just waiting for me. Isn't it adorable?! Once I'm a better knitter I must try this :)

This was the section for all the magazines and subscriptions. It just looked very cute and homey, I nearly sat down and put my feet up, hihi

There are knitted dogs and cats, believe it or not! They were so funny! 

There was so much more but most of the stuff on the ground floor was just too cramped to take pics of. But I did have a lovely time, especially when I met my friend from the sewing group who helped me pick out some wonderful quilting fabrics :) Time for a snack!

And this is the final score. I kept waaay under my alloted budget so that is very good. I didn't buy anything that I didn't have an immediate plan for so that was very good. My cross stitch was nearly done so I needed a new one. The one I wanted was way too difficult so I bought this haunted house instead. Also difficult, but doable still. I also got some quilting fabrics, beads, and ribbons. 

And I realised that with my current stash of quilting fabrics, I can make some amazing projects now that I have enough of most colours :) So watch this space for some of those soon I hope!

I had a wonderful day with some amazing buys and bargains. Now I just really need it to rain so I don't feel so bad about staying inside and crafting ;)


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