Best of March 2011 - the Voting has Begun!

Good morning all!

I have just received an email from Dana at Saturday Morning's that the voting for the Best of March has begun! Yay so exciting! Now I do know that the chances of me winning this thing are extremely small but wouldnt that button look wonderful and shiney on my blog? ;) Also the prize pack is really nice. OK, I'm really just dying to win this thing!

So if you all love my cupcake bathrobe as much as I do, please vote for me HERE. What you do, you click on this link, scroll down the page, and tick the box in the black voting section near the bottom of the page. Important: clicking on the link or the picture of the creation will not help! You can vote for up to five projects at once and I would appreciate if I could be one of them. I really dont want to go out with the least votes of all so please please vote for me! LOL... Am feeling like I'm in the Eurovision here, hihi... Oh yes, and you can vote until Friday 1 April.

Thank you all in advance and have a great Sunday. I'm off to go rollerblading in a minute :)


  1. I just voted for your adorable bathrobe!

  2. ik heb al op je gestemd, vannacht al ;) ( de eerste trouwens, ik hoop dat je er ondertussen wat meer hebt want je verdient dat ! )


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