Pre-Birthday, It Exists!

Even though my bday was only on Monday, the bf really wanted to celebrate on Sunday already so we'd have the whole day to do something. But that was before I decided to chop up my jacket... more on that in another post. So anyway, I was making breakfast on Sunday and I came out of the kitchen and there was this massive bunch of flowers on the table waiting for me. Arent they gorgeous??? I love them! (all pics made by the bf of course)

They are now nearly dead though as I moved them aside to make space for dinner on the coffee table and totally forgot about them. Woops! Maybe they will miraculously recover, who knows? ;)

Then it was time for something to eat... we had a wonderful starter... with a twist! The bf had bought some caviar (the affordable version) and put it on mini blinis. So good!! The twist was that I had to finish a shot of vodka as the plate with the caviar and the vodka was balancing on my pre-birthday present.

This is me trying to finish the shot. Needless to say, that was so not going to happen! I'm a lightweight with Baileys, let alone vodka... I'm not that young anymore! LOL So I sneakily swapped glasses and taadaa, my glass was empty ;)

It worked, I got the present :) Tension was building as there was only one thing I had asked for and the shape of the present was all wrong for that.

Yay, girly comics! I'm not that much into comics usually, but the bf really knows how to pick some that I like for some easy reading. I cant read LOTR or Twilight all the time after all! The two in the back are 'The Bellybuttons', it's kindof like Mean Girls in a book. They're hilarious although also a little sad as the not-so-cute one just never gets a break. Melusine was the best, it's a French comic about a witch who has a fairy godmother for a cousin and they dont get on very well. Superb!!

Yes, I also got one about Smurfette, hihi. Can it get any more girly? ;) There was an even better one. This birthday was obviously going to be the Purple Birthday and the second Smurf comic was actually called the Purple Smurf! Did you know that smurfs go purple and evil when they get stung by a bee? Neither did I...

This one was the Tink edition of the Guild comic. I love the series on the web but wasnt so sure about the comic. I think it shows... hihi, I still need to have a read, it should be good though. It's by Felicia Day after all :)

Taadaa, my entire comic haul for my pre-birthday :) Here you also see the Purple Smurf comic. This present session was followed by a wonderful steak made by the bf (I cant cook a proper steak to save my life) and some R&R which is always great on the w/e.

I like this pre-birthday, I think we just started a new tradition! Stay tuned for pics of the actual birthday and my wonderfully purple present :)


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