Birthday Dinner and the Purple Present

Hello again everyone,
Finally, the post of the actual birthday. With such a hectic week I finally have a chance to post about this :) With all the lovely pics by my wonderful bf of course.

As you may remember, my real birthday was on a Monday, meaning I had to go to work. But it wasnt all bad, the girls took me out to lunch and I had planned my day so that I wasnt completely swamped :) Dont you just love planning? The funniest thing was that my department had organised a birthday card and then it somehow got lost. Near the end of the day they had to tell me and I actually knew the only place it could be. Of course it was there which made the whole thing a little silly. Hihi! But it was really nice of them, the card had a huge cupcake on it so it was perfect :)

Once at home, I helped with the dishes and then was banned from the kitchen until further notice. Whoohoo! I like my kitchen but watching youtube was nice as well LOL. Enter bf with starters:

Really yummy salmon on toast with some lemon and champagne :) So good!

As a main he cooked quail. I liked it so much on Christmas that I actually requested this when we were deciding what to eat. With mashed potatoes and green beans. Dont they look tasty?

We had some Gewurztraminer (so good!) and the bf had some red wine also.

Then it was time for the cake. Yes, we still put as much candles on it as the age so the cake had to be a bit bigger than planned, or so the bf said. It was quite nice, chocolate with chocolate cream inside.

And it even had my name on it!!

Thinking hard to make a wish...

...and blowing out the candles (this took a few tries, there were so many! LOL)

Then it was FINALLY time for my long-awaited present! For months I had been running around between two shops as there were two purples and each one was specific to one particular shop. But I made up my mind about 2 days before the day and now was the time :)

Ok granted, this must be one of my worst pics ever as I really dont look very flattering in it (am thinking Roadrunner) but this is it!! My new phone!!! It's a purple Blackberry! I will finally be able to not get lost all the time and also not be out of battery all the time :) And after all that doubting and choosing, I am extremely happy that I chose this one and not the darker purple (it had pink buttons so def a no-go). I really hope this photo wont show up on some weird website or so LOL

All in all it was quiet and lovely. Now I just have to read the manual and get my old phone settings back ;) OMG It's purple!!! I love it !!! And now that the bday hype is over, more craft posts will follow. After all, I need a new pouch for the new phone ;)


  1. Well, Happy Belated Birthday my fellow purple loving blogger!


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