Quilts 4 London - Quilting for Olympians

As introduced in Saturday's post, I wanted to write a separate post about Quilts 4 London. I saw them at the Stitch & Craft Show and was inspired by their idea.

Maybe you know this already, but London is hosting the 2012 Olympics. Despite of the fact that I am not a fan of that particular part, I like this idea: Quilts 4 London want to give each Olympian (that is what you call someone who participates in the Olympics, right? Hihi, maybe I should just call them athletes...) a quilted panel. That means they need 14,000 panels!!! I have no idea how far they are now and how many they have, but I wanted to spread the word and help them out. I think I wil even make a panel! ;)

Should you be interested in making a pennant also
, it is very simple:
  1. Choose a shape (approx the size of A3 (12"x16") but no bigger) - see template ideas on the website which you can download and print
  2. Choose a design - check out the Inspiration area on the website for ideas or just choose whatever you like (please note the information relating to use of Olympic branding and 2012 media)
  3. Make your Pennant (see our various guides and videos on Youtube)
  4. Add your details to a label and fix to the back of the Pennant
  5. Display / Exhibit / Photograph and upload to Gallery
  6. Send into Quilts 4 London at the Project address so it can be displayed at exhibitions and distributed to competing athletes
  7. Make another one!
  8. Get everyone else making one!
Below are some examples of what people have made. I think the scarf one is very funny, it just shows you that it doesnt have to be difficult :)

I think I will make one of these as I do have a lot of fabric scraps and this is a great way to use them :) Will you join me too? Just imagine how cool it would be to make this an international thing!


  1. This is really cool of you to do, and hey, now they'll have something INTERESTING in the mix!


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