Yet Another Wonderful Flower

Do you remember the flowers I made for my sister and best friend? Well, I improved it! I just love making these flowers as birthday present :) Now I just have to manage to actually give them to the birthday girl on time and not super late... This time it was Miriam's birthday, the girl at work who gave me some of her old clothing to mess around with and re-create into new stuff (still working on that btw). I didnt have any ideas what to make for her, but then I thought of the flower and voila, a new flower was born. And this one even has leaves! And I have some great pics to show you here as the bf has kindly taken some time to photograph all my projects, how cool is that! So let's start with the pot:

The colours I used for this flower were maroon and pink. The button is a greenish yellow as the print on the fabric has that exact tint in it also. I never have moss around (plus it costs a fair bit!) so I normally use some green tulle, this being left of the leaf dress so long ago. I have just enough left to make one more flower, but this time for myself *grin*

This is the actual flower. I know, it doesnt look round but after some remodelling after the pic it actually wasnt so bad. I just love the poofiness of these! The maroon print was very homey which is what she likes and I wasnt sure if she wanted to leave it on her desk or take it home. In the end it ended up on her desk where I see it every day :) It is the only plant around that doesnt attact bugs! LOL

Here you can see the leaves. I just love this pic!
All courtesy of the bf of course who is getting really good :)

One final picture to show off the whole flower. Honestly, if you have some nice fabric and an empty flower pot, make one of these. It will totally cheer you up :) Happy (again belated) birthday Miriam!

Oh btw, I was just thinking, with only four petals, green fabric, and a few extra stitches this could have totally been a shamrock for Paddy's Day!


  1. Guess what?! You made the finals for Best of March at Saturday Mornings! Congrats! Here is the link to the announcement post!


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