The Birthday and the Dress

It's my birthday!!! Yay!! I am officially one year older... might be a reason to stop cheering LOL. But this was my day and even though I had to work, it was all really good :) The girls at work took me out to lunch and I brought a divine cake to work to share (vanilla-white chocolate chip-nut bundt cake, recipe will follow!). It was gone in no time and people lined up at my desk for seconds. Hahaha, I need I may need to bake some more ;)

I have a ton of pics from both my pre-birthday (yes that exists too) and today already, all taken by the bf and his shiney camera so I will need to spread this over a few posts. I'm sure you dont mind though... I have also been to the Stitch & Craft Show this weekend and I have lots of pics of that too. OMG, so much to blog! It's a great start to my 32nd year though :)

But let's start with the birthday dress. A couple of months ago, I really wanted a new dress and check eBay for some bargains. And indeed I found this gorgeous little dress in exactly my colour (purple!) and it was only £3.50 including shipping! It's wasnt by some great fantastic label but who cares, I love the colour :)

The only thing that really annoyed me was the button. I just wasnt convinced by it... So it had to go. This was exactly the reason why this dress had been lying around for weeks as I just couldnt decide what to do with it. Then I thought of my wonderful yoyos and got creative. As I also found a bag of silk roses I had totally forgotten about (I got those on eBay too, years ago. A huge bag with hundreds of silk roses in various colours for only £7! A total steal since 10 of those already go for £1 here. Anyway, I took off the button, made some yoyos, added the roses and voila:

Now I love the dress :) I dont have a proper closeup of the yoyos, but they're just plain ones and there is a rose in the centre. The one in the middle has a light blue rose while the two on the outside have a dark blue one. I got so many compliments at work with this dress! And it's a good thing I'm not too tall so I can actually wear this as a cute dress rather than a top. (I have actually changed the pics since I posted this as somehow my resizing software makes the pictures all blurry... so if any pics are really not clear just let me know and I'll try to fix it...)

Of course I also had to have a matching hair yoyo, so I made this also:

This was so easy! I sewed on the middle tiny rose and just glued the rest around it :) I wore this today also of course to complete the birthday look:

I have to open my present now, I'll post more soon!

Happy Birthday to me... yay! Now, for some cake...


  1. Happy Birthday MJ!! LOVE the part about a "pre-birthday"... My daughter has a birthday coming up, but she's got the celebrating all mapped and planned out!! PRE-birthday, ACTUAL birthday, and POST birthday!!! (Just ONE day?.. "You've GOT to be kidding", I'm sure she would say!).... LOVE your new dress! ~tina

  2. Happy Birthday MJ and I love the colors of your dress. Hope you have a super duper one. The Olde Bagg, Linda

    I don't have birthdays anymore because my 6yr old grandson was born on what used to be my birthday but now belongs to him. I don't have one anymore. tee hee

  3. CUTE!!! Thank you so much for sharing and for linkin up to the handmade hog:)

    xoxoxo HAnna

  4. Oh thats lovely! Hey have you seen collaborative blog called Refashion Co-op? You might be interested in participating on there?


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