I Made the Best of the Week @ Saturday Mornings!

So far this is already a MUUUUCH better day than it was yesterday! I finished work at 5pm (which was a lovely treat) and spent a few hours walking around the mall with Miriam (yes the one with the flower) eating lovely pretzels and fresh juice, which was very lovely and girly. Then I came home, wrapped myself into my lovely new cupcake bathrobe and turned on the pc... and then I saw it...

This was my entry (I think most of you know the bathrobe by now hihi, I still love it!)

OMG, I am so honoured!!! I didnt even know there was a competition! LOL so typical... There is going to be another 'best of the week' next week and then there will be a vote so even though I dont expect to win, I would love to go away with at least a few votes (winning of course would be divine, that goes without saying) so I'll send the link over to pursuade you to vote for me in due course. *batting eyelashes*

I have to wash some fabric now so enjoy your Friday and keep your eyes peeled for the voting link! I cant believe my little bathrobe was selected! *does happy dance around the living room while soft music slowly fades the blog into the background like stylish movie-ending*


  1. gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!!!
    En het is zeker verdiend !

    ps : ik heb je prachtige yogatas aangekregen, er staat al een logje klaar voor morgen om iedereen te laten meegenieten ;)


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