London Faberge Egg Hunt - Zone 8

Good morning everyone!
Yes, for the time being you have to sit through my egg-obsession. LOL, not to worry, just a few more zones and we're done. Hey did anyone else notice that Blogger changed their interface? It's new and I really have to get used to it. At the moment I remain unopinionated about it... though uploading pics is a lot easier now :)

Ok so back to the eggs :) I have pretty much completed zone 8 (Carnaby Street) as well. Carnaby Street was famous in the 60s for being pretty much the trendiest street in London. There was only one missing and then only the picture as I found the box. I was told the missing egg (one of the stolen ones) has been returned to its original location yesterday so I will check it out later this week and post an update once I have it. Shame really as then the collage pic won't show it. I'm just too impatient! ;)

Of course I have to share my favourites with you!

I just had to be in the picture with the fabric egg! It was covered in pinkish silk fabric with kittens and had a massive bow on top. Super cute :) I accidentally found this when I was browsing through the crafting section in Liberty's. 

 This one hangs just above the entrance in Hamleys and is so funny! Very much Hamleys :) For those who don't know, Hamleys is the largest toy store in Central London.

 Kingley Court had the kingley egg. I love the crown! Not so sure about the lion to be honest but the egg sure looks special. Yes I like it. 

 What is so special about this egg? It made me feel old... LOL... it's my birthday next week and 'my generation' really did completely different things that the current one. Ah the good old days... ;)

LOL check out where they're making us look! High, high up in the sky there once was an egg... But I found it :) So glad for tourists taking egg pics, they always indicate the best ones ;)

 Another eggg inside Liberty. Gee, I spent an hour looking for this! It was all tucked away in the corner! But as it is also covered in pretty fabrics, it deserved a special mention on my little blog.
I really had to pass this a couple of times before I had a Homer moment and after that it was so obvious! Just look up! LOL. But yes, that little white thingy was my pointy egg. Well, not mine, but one on my list. 

So one more zone done. There are 12 so we're getting close :) I've half started a few zones just by accidentally passing some eggs which of course will save me time in the long run as I dont have to find those anymore. The total count for now is around the 140 mark which is great! Well, I think so anyway... Offto do more cross stitch, I'll post a pic of my progress with that later on also. I'm definitely getting more crafty again! I blame the eggs ;) Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

UPDATE 12/03/2012: 
It's back, it's back! Egg 169, the Letter Egg Box has been replaced :) I found it today :)

 This is the Letter Egg Box. Isn't is cute?

And yes, I was really there :) Just in case you needed more proof of this temporary obsession of mine ;)


  1. I am looking through all your faberge egg posts...they are sooo great!! So creative and imaginative! It must have taken you so long to find them! Have you found all of them now? x

    1. Hi Cheryl! I have nearly all of them... must go out hunting again soon as I still miss 3 but those were damaged so I hope they're back now. Thanx for stopping by!


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