EFF Arcen - Some Professional Pics Also

I promised, so here they are. I think I have most of them now, and I liked these the most. I based my selection on poses, atmosphere, and also the parts of the costumes that are shown. Plus some just have a funny story LOL

Photo by Kees Stravers
This was the first photo I received, it was taken during our relaxing break at the pond. I love it because you see the bag and it's not too posed :)

Photo by Brian Morgan
I just really like this one :)

Photo by Aart Pennings
Taken with Flinty (King Flint for the weekend) and I was trying to tell the photographer that I prefer my explorer over the king (hence the talking shot)

Photo by Henk van Rijssen
The woman on the right is Netel who always has the best costumes. I randomly found this photo among others from the Fair and just love it. (Netel was Willy Wonka in April for those of you who remember that)

Photo by De Drakentoren
Forum meet, we all discuss the EFF months in advance and this is where we all gather for our annual picture :) Check out those costumes!

Photo by De Drakentoren
So funny! Had to share :) The silver dress is Gerda btw, she made this dress herself also :) Thats actually the point of forum, make your own costume :)

Photo by Mieke Niers
Do you see why I love to go here? The standard is just so high! Nothing purchased, everything made, I love it! The dress was (for me at least) the best I've seen this year in Arcen. The skirt was all petals, the details exquisite and look at that bodice! The wings have details in the back as well. It was amazing!

Photo by Andre Scherpenberg
Looking admiringly at the so very cool looking bf :)

Photo by Casper Stuart
Lovely photo of the costume

Photo by Loek Backes
Great pic with my friend Mandy who I meet here each year. She was a vampire and her teeth were amazing! (lots of dental ppl in the family, including her)

Photo by Marga van Belkum
So cute I just had to share. I really wanted a kissing photo :)

Photo by XMoments
One more posing photo where you can see the costumes again

All the photographers mentioned have kindly emailed me these pics so I could show them on this blog, provided I would give credit where credit is due. Please so not use the images without mentioning the photographers as it is their work after all.

Did I mention I didnt bring the guns or anything dangerous looking? Didnt think the airline would let me pass with it... But still some great pics I think :) Hope you liked them too!


  1. Fantastic costumes, all of them! The silver ball gown was wonderful, but I'm especially crushing on that wonderful fairy! I'd so do that!

    And are you two in love or WHAT? Too cute.


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