Halloweening - Costumes - Hermione / Harry Potter Cloak

Last year, my niece asked me to make her a costume for Carnaval. Not quite Halloween but in Germany they dress up for this event that happens every year in Feb or March, depending on when it falls. Anyway, she wanted to be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies. My sister managed to get her the uniform but they needed my help with the cloak. Sure, no problem. It took a little longer than expected but that was more due to my motivation rather than anything else as I had outsewn myself and needed a break LOL. But in the end she got it in time :)

Ok, so lets get started. First of all, we need a reference picture. I found this one on our trusty Google Images http://just-imagine-dolls.com/art/robert_tonner/tonner_hp_HERMIONE_HOG_l.jpg:
Then I went to this website to get the pattern: http://www.drakenfjord.org/how2clok.pdf. The makes a proper cloak with sleeves if you like and not just a half circle one. Really good! Most of the cloaks I make use this as a base pattern.

Then I bought some really stiff black material, cotton but stronger as it would have to live through a party of youngsters. The material has a name but I cant think of it at the moment... For the lining I chose some simple shiny lining in burgundy. I still had a clasp lying around so that bit was free :) This is the end result:

It overlaps a tiny bit in the front and I have no idea why but everything was already hemmed etc so I just left it.

The hood came out really well also I think.

The patch I found on eBay. There is this one seller that has all the movie badges etc. My steampunk pins also came from there. It really looked great on the cloak :)

All in all I was very pleased with it, especially since I had zero measurements to work with. All I got was 'just like you but a bit smaller' LOL. Yes sis, next time I need a bit more! Hihi. But it fit and she was happy so that was good.

So technically, if you have the materials already, try making this cloak. It really doesnt have to cost much at all! Good luck :)


  1. Ok ... so I'm blown away by your costumes. I've been scrolling through old posts and LOVE THEM. Ridiculously cool.

  2. That cloak is amazing! I can sew but clothes are not my thing. I may just have to try this...some day:)

  3. This is fabulous. I was just in Orlando and went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Their costumes were not as great as this. Thanks for the reference onthe patch too. They didn't sell any by themselves.


  5. Hi Love this, looks great. Could you explain how to put the sleeves in. Thanks.

    1. Hi Hayley, I used the the pattern as linked in the post, and added two rectangles for the sleeves. First I sewed the shoulder seams together. Then I attached the sleeves to the shoulder seam, folded everything over, and sewed the edges. I didn't make any proper arm holes or anything. Sorry if am rubbish to explain this, it was the same as with a medieval tunic I guess. It's a cloak so it's not going to fit tight so that gives you more room to play with this. Good luck, I would love to see your cloak once it's done!

  6. Hi Love this, looks so great. Please could you explain how to put the sleeves in. Thanks

  7. Hi, I love this it looks great, please could you explain how to put sleeves in. Thanks

  8. Thanks for getting back MJ, I will give it a go this weekend. It's the turning it inside out that was confusing me. I am a bit of a novice so fingers crossed.


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