Halloweening - Trip to Providence, MA (2009)

Remember my piece de resistance? Well this is it! On my way to Providence, my driver (the company organised one as I cant drive) told me about the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in the Providence Zoo that was being held for the first time in 4 years that year. I nearly flipped, I had to see that! Of course you couldnt get there without a car... So I asked everyone in my office if they could take me. One girl was nice enough to drive me, and even to pay for my ticket! I think she could see how excited I was :) It wasnt that expensive though, about $12 I think each. As we went straight after work, the queue was huge and we spent a good hour to get to the entrance of the event. But there were stalls and stuff along the way which was nice. But then... then it started...

Honestly, if you get the chance, you HAVE TO go here... Below is a small seclection of what I saw here...

Yes, this a pumpkin...

Each section had a theme, this was 'horror movies'

'Sesame Street'

Slowly, we came to the bigger ones, and I noticed that even the lights were made out of pumpkins!!

Each section had more and more pumpkins... UNTIL...

Call me silly but I think that I started to cry at this point. I have wanted to see something like this for so long, and then to be there, in the cold dark zoo with the smoke and the music (coz of course there was a whole show) and to see this, it just really got to me. Isnt it great? Each and every pumpkin was actually hollowed out and carved. We walked past the workshop at some point where you could see all the tools and stuff. And let me tell you, this was no Martha Stewart carving kit LOL, these were chainsaws! Oh yes, wherever you see a pumpkin with a number, that is the wait in lbs of the large pumpkin next to it.

We walked some more, and I saw this Rapunzel who I thought was just too cute :)

They really had some cool ideas :) I had to wait a little bit for this pic as one of the pumpkins didnt light properly and the crew were fixing it. But it looks wicked!

They even did Spiderman! Hahaha, I like this pic as all the other pumpkins are fairly normal. Did you notice that they ALL have a different face? This was sooo cool! I took about 100 pictures but I didnt want to upload all of them.

I just checked the website and it's on again this year as well. I can SOOOO highly recommend that you do there this year if you have the chance. Really, you wont be disappointed! Check here for more details.

Ok, thats it for my lovely US Halloween holiday from last year. Now it's back to crafting as I just went through my closet and prepared a bag for the charity shop and a bag with 'to mend/alter' so who knows what can happen :) Oh I also have to pics to post from the wonderful things I bought during my business trip. Who knew Germany had the best Halloween chocolates? LOL And I will also post something on Halloween costumes, so lots more to come!


  1. This is so awesome! I really want to go there now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gosh, it looks amazing, i have never seen anything quite like it, and if you hadn't told us they were all made out of pumkin, i wouldn't have thought it!!

  3. Holy cat, how cool is that! I'd have been right there with you, girl! Great photos; you should treat us to a few more each day until Halloween!


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