Halloweening - Pumpkins (3 more!)

Instead of finishing all 10 pumpkins before the party tomorrow, I have managed only 3. I was going to finish the other two tonight but here I am, happily blogging away... But I did want to share the three pumpkins I've done this week :)

Simple but classic, this will be the centre piece for the dinner table tomorrow so that everyone has a nice view and no one has to look at a plain side of the pumpkin. Plus the reflections it casts are cool :)

One of the last cool patterns I have left, I really like this one, very cheerful and Halloweeny :)

My beautiful spider pumpkin. The actual pattern was really tricky as it was tiny so I free-handed it larger. Worked out quite well actually although I did carve through one 'seam' that I shouldnt have but it's not too bad :)

See the webbing on the side?

Here you can see my tiny mistake. Really, next year I will get the Martha Stewart Carving Kit!

Now I must go to bed and have my beauty sleep for I have a dinner to prepare! And with that comes tidying, and cooking, and more carving, and selecting my costume...


  1. The pumpkins are great! Hope you get everything done in time for your party. Happy Halloween! Theresa


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