World Zombie Day 2010 - London

***Gore below so beware of children reading this***

As every year in October, World Zombie Day was upon us again :) Yes, this is on in all major cities like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, you name it! After being doubtful of my presence this year, I decided in the last minute that I wanted to go. So out came last year's Zombie Fairy costume, but this time I didnt take the fairy wings or fairy ears, and went as Hippy Zombie instead :) I didnt go for blood as that is one thing I can never get right, so I chose decay instead. What do you think?

Photo by Simon Crouch
It's organic blood, dude!

The costume was quite simple. It consists of a white underskirt that was leftover from (again) the Spider Nightmare costume, a skirt made out of black polysatin and purple organza, a black top with ruffle sleeves, a flowery top from the charity shop (£1 week), and gloves from Poundland (those gloves that you wear at a hen party).

I dyed the white underskirt in tea to make it all dirty looking, and cut up the overskirt (both parts) and glued on leaves and sticks. The underskirt remains intact as that's about 10 meters of muslin and I didnt want to destroy that. The overskirt looked better than last year as it had frayed a lot more by now :) I cut the top to bits as well and added leaves again. I cut off the finger tips off some fingers of the gloves also. The I painted the whole thing with red, white, and brown theater paint to make it all muddy (I tried using the park and real mud but someone had called the cops because they thought I was insane. They had to laugh about the fancy dress bit though). Put everything together and voila :) Oh yes, the headpiece I made with leftover organza bits and a bit of ribbon, and I put white makeup in my hair also.

There was such a great turnout! We were at least 300 ppl... I dont have a great group pic, but here are some impressions of the day:

Getting ready... I have another pic of these guy kissing, so funny with the mouth piece!

I even met Simon (one of the photographing victims) who I had no idea would be here, and who happened to be wearing a tshirt with a picture of someone resembling... me! Hahahaha... it was too funny not to photograph ;)

Believe it or not, these are noodles! But I didnt know that when he just jumped in front of me and scared the living (well, zombie) daylights out of me! Hahaha, so gross...

Photo by Simon Crouch
Once we were all there, we started walking... oh yes, this was to raise awareness for a charity as well btw, we didnt just randomly walk around haha. Check out the numbers... and I was somewhere near the back!

Photo by Alex Lane
(Swedish?) Chef Zombie also looked very scary...

Break at first pub (well, it's England so it has to be a pub crawl right? It's quite funny since I dont really drink), and I saw this lovely zombie. I did the bathrobe and curlers thing my first year around also, so personally I think her outfit is too clean, but she definitely had the cute factor :)

Photo by Alex Lane
For everyone with kids, I do apologise for the following comment: This kid was hilarious!!!
He was really scared of us until he would hear us talk and realised we were just normal people really and then he would start giggling. The mothers on the other hand were a bit more cruel as clearly their kids werent happy being there and they were like: 'oh it's fine, really!' and pushed the prams further into the crowd... Just love this pic though, it really shows the atmostphere of the day as for some bizarre reason there were a LOT of kids about...

At the next pub stop I saw this 'Shaun of the Dead' zombie with a record in her neck. Isn't it cool! She shared her secret with me and she told me the whole thing is held up with tape and wire. I just know some of you will use this for Halloween!

Someone had even brought a chainsaw (without the blade of course) and really made a lot of noise with it

Photo by Alex Lane
Including some killings by the end of the day, while being photographed by many many zombies

More cool zombies included this Scottish zombie and his friend who was well passed the zombie stage

Supergirl zombie (complete with pink underwear that (s)he just had to show me! Hahaha

And Pulp Fiction zombies

I had such a great time! Especially because I wasnt expecting any of this, since last year we had about 40 people or so. This year was much better :) If you see anything you like for Halloween, I'm sure no one will mind if you use some of their ideas. Hope I didnt gross you out too much ;)

I just received the above pic from my friend Paul McGrath. I love it! I actually look dangerous ;) Organic braaaiiiinnnsss....


  1. That looked like great fun. The costumes are out of this world! So much thought went into them. That poor little boy..LOL
    I do agree though, not the best place to bring children, but the grown ups must have had a hoot!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! :) Love the costumes! You're so creative!

  3. My oldest did Zombie Frank Sinatra last year...he would have fit right in! You look wonderfully creepy and darn near dead. Thanks for showing all the great photos!

  4. OH, I love this post!!!
    We will be having a zombie walk next Saturday the 23rd here in my fair city. I cannot wait to go photograph it! Great stuff.
    `Naila Moon

  5. Sound like a great fun.That is nice party for zombie.Thanks for sharing this nice post with us.

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