Halloweening - Trip to Boston, MA (2009)

I promised you that I would show you other things that I did while in Boston/Salem/Providence last year. As I am currently tidying my apartment (as there is zero space for crafting at the moment LOL) this is a great way to get inspired and to think back to my wonderful trip last year :)

On my very first day (the day that I landed so right before I went to Salem actually) I visited Harvard as it was really close to the hotel I was staying in. And yes, I touched the foot... I figured it would be just like the Blarney Stone in Ireland as that all the teenies pee on it at night but it is still the tourist thing to do (and I had handy wipes LOL).

Another part of Harvard. I dont think it can get any more American than this: Harvard, the American flag, and an American school bus all in the same photo!

Dinner at the IHOP, all by myself much to the enjoyment of the staff who apparently dont see this often, especially since I was all happy with my strawberry cheesecake pancakes and cherry coke while reading my Martha Stewart Halloween magazine. Haaa, dont you just love being on holidays?

When I came back from Salem I had the chance to visit Boston a bit. I was lucky as the weather cleared up about a day after I arrived back here. And a good thing at that as it was snowing there a day earlier!

I walked the Freedom Trail and of course had to see all the cemetaries. A lot of people (especially at work) think I'm weird for that but I think they are quite peaceful and you can learn a lot from them, like how people lived at the time.

Of course there were pumpkins everywhere although it was really hard to find some Halloween items as everything was nearly sold out already! I didnt know I had to be there in September to get the best stuff ;)

The park was gorgeous

As was the city. Yes, I think I like Boston :)

On my last day I had lunch with a friend at a proper American diner. He even made sure they let us sit in the booth (am I a tourist or what? hahaha... of course it helped that the place was nearly empty at the time). Pumpkin pancakes, yummm...

The next day I went to Providence for work. Little did I know that the piece de resistance was yet to come... stay tuned!


  1. You're making me (more) homesick! btw, that's not a park, that's the Public Garden.

  2. Wonderful photos, all...but I especially love the gravestones (I adore cemeteries) and the racks of pumpkins!
    Happy Halloween


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