Halloweening - Let There Be Light!

Ok, enough costumes for a bit ;) I do hope that I have inspired some of you at least a little bit :)

I still have so much to do for this weekend's dinner! And of course, safety does come first. So we needed some light. Where I live, we dont have any light on the stairs. For some bizarre reason, the light switch is placed in a stupid location so we never use it. Enter Halloween and LOTS and LOTS of empty jars. Well, maybe not lots and lots, but I did have to go through my entire empty jar stash! And the best thing? It was completely free (if you ignore all the Mod Podge I lost when the jar fell off the table, hihi). I still had some paper left over from another Halloween party years ago and it was just lying around. It's not really crepe paper (at least not what I understand by crepe paper) but it's thin enough to be see through. I glued the paper onto the jars, added some paper facial features, another layer of MP to make it shiny and tied the whole thing up with some spare raffia. I added some Christmas lights and voila, light in the stair well :) I LOVE THIS!! Check it out, I am so pleased! It's very Martha Stewart actually, I always wanted a cool stair case :)

With flash... but in the dark, the magic comes...

I only had 3 round jars (they were perfect for the pumpkins!) so I added the other ones around them. Let's get a close up of the pumpkins then :)

From super cute...

To surprised and slight worried

To positively evil

And finally with the skull lights also

Nah, I dont think anyone will fall on my stairs now :) Did I say I love this? And completely free to, and all from recycled materials so really frugal too!


  1. MJ,
    Your stairs rock! I love the idea of lining the area with lights and lots of lanterns--the effect is awesome!
    Glad to meet a fellow crafter in the same boat as me: using up what I have on hand ... living frugally ... creating ridiculously cool stuff from the stuff around us.
    THanks for stopping by THRIVE. Enjoy your Halloween!

  2. Fabulous of course, but then I expected nothing less.

  3. I LOVE your stairs!! How creative!!! Thank you for wanting to join my Masquerade Ball; I'm sure you will think of something wonderful!


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