Halloweening - Candy Shopping in Stuttgart

Good morning everyone! I'm only just awake and already blogging but I have been seriously busy with work (just had positively the most AWFUL week ever) so I have been kind of neglecting you all... sorry!! So I really need to post all my Halloween adventures of the last few weeks still so I think I might even post a couple of blogs a day until Halloween. I just have so much to share! LOL

So the week before last, my company sent me to our German office in Stuttgart to work. Of course I had to do some shopping while there and guess what? Their Halloween stuff was so cool! I got some really good candy for super cheap and chocolates, and some tea lights and the most adorable pumpkins... Here are a few things I did and bought during my time in 'Stuggi':

Just before a client visit, I spotted this bakery with these great pumpkins outside. The bag is from the US actually, I bought it last year in Boston and it is my shopping bag :)

And great pumpkins inside :) I bought one cookie for me and one for the bf. They looked a little worse for wear once they reached London but were still yummy!

Lovely holiday decoration at the pharmacy also (which happened to be next to the bakery). I like it as it can be used for harvest and Christmas alike :)

Candy haul of lunch time shopping :) This was all bought at one specialised chocolate shop, and so cheap! So much cheaper than the UK... Oh yes, the bf hasnt read my blog in a while and I really hope he wont any time soon as he doesnt know anything about this yet!

Pumpkin and ghost marshmallows. I paid £2 for one tiny bag here in London, and these were only 75 cents each! Of course I had to buy like 4 of them...

Witch chocolates (only 45 cents each!), I only bought three (as per proper witch tradition LOL) but I really should have bought more...

Tiny Halloween chocolates (only 25 cents each!) Arent they the cutest?

A chocolate heart for the bf as I love him :) Yes am cheesy like that... this one was actually the most expensive item in the whole bunch but so cute!

Halloween Licorice! Check out the skulls! Also ony 75 cents each and the bf loves licorice :) He's gonna be so impressed (or so I hope!)

Jelly spiders. Do you call this jelly? Dont actually know... I mean the gummi bear stuff... anyway, they are wicked! Cant remember the exact price but they were less than one euro and they're about as big as my hand! My mother would hate this *evil witchy cackle*

So this entire lot only set me back about 8 euros! I dont know about you, but I am well impressed with that!

Stuttgart in the morning before work... it was so cold!

Well, one has to be a little touristy... this is usually the only bit of the town I get to see haha

The palace in Stuttgart...

Some more shopping in the evening, I found these great tea light holders that were HALF OFF! Only 75 cents each :) Yes, the 'v' in 'harvest' looks a tad like a 'u' but it has a pumpkin! And they look well cute when lit :)

I also found these mini pumpkins. So cute and also half off! That means only 50 cents for each pumpkin! And since I bought nine of them, they threw in the box for free :D Now I just have to find somewhere to put them...

I also went to the craft shop which was next to the office and they also had Halloween stuff on sale. These were too cute not to get. Pumpkins with cats and witches, only 99 cents per pack. I am going to put them on top of a photo frame :)

Burlap ribbon. Burlap is impossible to come by here and technically it is still my frugal year so cant buy fabric, but no one said anything about ribbon ;) And it was only 99 cents for 2 meters so it's not too bad... You lot all inspired me with all your great burlap creations!

Fianlly, I bought some Fimo... I dont know where to find it here, and I dont yet have any plans with them, but of course I had to get the Halloween colours ;) At 2.50 each, I only bought 2 colours...

And this is GREAT! It was only 2 euros!! It's a 'paint it yourself' witch made out of wood! It comes with screws and everything and I still have the paint I bought for the pot-o-lanterns (thanx for the cool word Sunny!) so I'm all sorted. I really want to start doing this today, but I also have to prepare for the Witch's Tea Party so let's see what I can do...

All in all, it was a good shopping haul :) Now off to tidy/decorate/carve/cook/prepare... so busy!! But at least it's weekend :) Will blog more later about costumes and pumpkins and deocrations, oh my!


  1. Chick, you can get FIMO on eBay over here! I'm still working down my old German stash, but have already looked it up.
    There's something else called... err... Sculpty? as well, just browse for polymer clay on our "favourite" (?) auction website.

  2. you can?? shows how much I know... hahaha...
    but let's see if I am actually capable of using the stuff. so far sculpting is not my strongest point but got insprired by flowery brooch in a burda one day...
    thanx for the tips tho! :)

  3. What a wonderful attitude about this. Thanks for posting! Femme A La Fleur


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