Halloweening - Bathroom Transformation

Let me start by saying I hope I can post this as Virgin is playing up again and I have a feeling I am looking at a weekend without internet... Internet providers can be so annoying!!!

Also, they have changed the readling list views, have you seen it? I can no longer see unlimited historical posts but only the last 20 or so. As I am following quite a few blogs, it's a little annoying... Yes, sorry, it's Friday and this week has been a complete disaster... So let's move on to something more fuin: Halloweenifying my bathroom! Well, the toilet actually but I know that in the US saying 'toilet' is rather rude so let's go with restroom instead. I will still call the header bathroom though... Am I not making sense again? Sorry!

Anyway, our 'restroom' was really boring and as it has one of 2 windowsills in the entire apartment, I wanted to make the most of it :) Check it out:

Having been inspired by Sunny at Life in Rehab, I Mod Podged some pirate fabric onto some used wine and beer bottles, covered them spider webbing, and added some killer spiders. Yes, these were also left from the spider nightmare dress. Really must post pics someday... A few random walking spiders totally finish this :) I tried sticking some on the wall but they just wont stay up!

Closeup of the (what used to be an ale) bottle. I added a trim on the top of my leftover fabric scraps and painted the cap on top also to finish it off.

I stuck some black cutouts that I got off the Martha Stewart website years ago onto the window. I used to have a lot of these but they all fell of and usually out the window LOL. This time I used electrical tape, so maybe this will hold.

On the other side, I made this cute toilet roll pumpkin (tutorials can be found EVERYWHERE so wont bug you with that) and Mod Podged some mini rats and spiders on it (works much better than the glue gun). The big rat looks great, especially the way the tail goes all around the pumpkin. Oh yes, the pumpkin stem is just the cardboard toilet roll covered in brown fabric. Don you just love scraps?

Some skeletons from Poundland also on the wall (the other half is used in the bathroom (the one with the bath haha) as a light switch cord) to make it gruesome and take the cuteness out of it a little.

I also made this curtain, very simple and not even hemmed, of this fabric I had lying around for ages. It is quite thick so I hope it will also keep the wind out a bit! (insulation, whats that?)

And this is the whole look. I took this during the day so the fabric of the curtain doesnt show at all, but this is the general idea. The blood on the mirror is another nice gorey touch. :)

A couple of banners on the wall and we're pretty much done :) This used to be a garland that I cut up. Usually I stick these on the doors etc if there is a party, so that people know that only the Halloween doors are to be used.

Obviously as this is not my own place I couldnt paint or anything but I think it turned out quite nice anyway :)


  1. Creeeeeeeeepy! I love every single touch right down to the blood on the mirror! The wine and ale bottles came out fantastic too with their little 8 legged escorts. I'm going to have to steal a few of these ideas for sure!

  2. This is great! I love that you decorated your bathroom.. it is always the last room of the house I think to decorate!

  3. How cool to decorate the bathroom! Love the bottles!

  4. That looks great! I never really decorate my bathroom but after seeing this I may have to start!

    - Megan


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