Halloweening - Completely Free Door Witch

It's been a busy week... work was a disaster but the results were great so that is something to be happy about :) I spent ALL weekend Halloweening so be prepared for many posts soon to come. Yes I know, I said that before but the bf decided to leave the house with his camera so I couldnt take the good pics. He has the one that takes the good no-flash pictures so I had to wait.

I started this project last weekend, after saving it into my favourites last year already. It's a witch to hang on your door (or wherever you have room really) and the base for it is a recycled tshirt. The witch in the post looks much better than mine but... yes and here comes the excuse... my internet crashed right in the middle of it and I tried rebooting which of course meant that the website was gone for 2 days and I just didnt want to stop working on it. But mine still isnt too bad... I wanted to make a whole tutorial of it as well (I find the original a tad confusing) but once the internet crashed I just gave up and tried to remember what I could. The original project can be found here.

For this project I used a black tshirt kindly donated by the bf, fabric scraps, some raffia, cardboard, fabric marker, buttons, coat hanger, and a piece of cardboard. I didnt go out for twigs as the instructions say as it was raining really heavily outside, but I think that the little broomstick is also quite cute :) So this is the witch I made, what do you think?

The purple is actually quite halloweeny but as it is velvet and the light at this particulat spot is quite bad, it doesnt really light up the way it does IRL. All in all I'm quite happy with it, and best of all: it was free!

If you want to make one also, just go here and get started. Have fun! :)


  1. Thanks for linking up! This is awesome!


  2. What a great idea! I never would have thought of using an old t-shirt. Thanks for joining my Halloween Link Party!

    - Megan


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