Happy Birthday Sister!!

Yes yes, the post says Sunday but I pre-blogged so all I had to do was 'post' during the week when I would be really busy. Little did I know that all the posts would have their original date of Sunday?? Anyway, it is now Tuesday and yesterday was the birthday of my lovely big sis :) I couldnt post this yesterday however, as her presents were still in the mail... Remember the teaser blog post of a few days ago? Well, I she has them today because I really want to post this :) I made three presents for her, all of which I hope have arrived safely and in one piece. First, I made her one of the clutch bags as I still had all this 'sister fabric' leftover from some quilted pillows I made for her one Christmas. Of course decorated with my trademark yoyo-rosettes:

I also made her
arm warmers as she works in a store and it can get really cold in winter there. My friend from work has given me some fabric that her mother wasnt using anymore and this was just perfect for my sis who loves blue and country.

The seam goes under the arm so you wont see it when wearing them but this was the best way I could show the gloves. Also, as this is actually jersey, it stretches so they should fit her *crosses fingers*. I also made a little gingham bag to carry them in.
And last but not least, I found this great blog post by Bird Crafts who made this gorgeous flower! I just loved it and thought it would be perfect for my sister. I did change it a little bit in that I dindt use floral tape but plan electrical tape and also used tulle instead of moss. When clicking on the link, you need to scroll down until you find the project as she doesnt index her blog so seperate blog entries cannot be linked to. Anyway, this is my version of her flower:

I added a bow on the pot and of course yet another yoyo-rosette. :)
So Happy Birthday Mel and I hope you like your presents!


  1. You are so clever! I'd love for you to visit and share this flower at my Pretty Packages Party in August.


  2. Oh my goodness this is so cute!!!!
    I'm your newest follower!


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