Extremely Belated Birthday Presents

It was my best friend's birthday... IN FEBRUARY!!! Now she knows that I always forget her birthday so at least that didnt come as a surprise, but 6 months later and she still doesnt have a present... bad me! I usually remember her birthday a week late. Not too bad really... this year I remembered it on time, except that I thought it was a week earlier! So once again, a week late... I've known her for 15 years and she knows me and my numerous flaws. Because of this she also says that I am the only one who is allowed to be that delayed LOL.

After asking her many many times what she would like for a present, she still didnt know. She doesnt have any specific hobbies and is not your typically girly girl so jewellery and hair stuff was out. So when I saw the flower tutorial like I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago, I knew that had to be part of it. So, after asking for her favourite colour (just in case it had changed), I got to work. Check out the flower I made for her. Yes, her fav colour is also purple :)

I really like the way it came out. I wasnt sure about the flower fabric in the beginning but I think it gives it a fun twist :)

Of course I couldnt just only send her the flower... so I also bought her a giant Hersheys chocolate kiss when I was in New York :) Yes, this is how long I had been planning her birthday! LOL. I'm sure you all know what they look like, so no pics of that.

Still missing something... Well, do you remember the book I bought on sock creatures way back when (in February also) at the Stitch and Craft Show?

Yes, this is the one, here shown on the right: Stray Sock Sewing. Well, it had a few tutorials in it and I decided to make a horse-shaped sock creature for my friend. I did use old socks as opposed to new as they just the coolest and kind of give a more natural look. Ok yes, am too cheap to buy new socks LOL. But seriously, I had these anyway and the purple/chocolate thing worked perfectly! As the pattern/tutorial was made for kid socks, the nose on my horse is a little bit too big but it kind of looks comical. Especially since the head didnt want to sit on straight. LOL. I dont know about you but I think it looks cute as ever! I also used some of my special Dutch wool for the manes. Special wool as I bought it especially to knit my very first sweater with it (that I havent started yet).

Here he is, I only finished him last night and it will be shipped tomorrow so hopefully all will arrive safely!

Do you see his tshirt? That wasnt in the tutorial but it was just too perfect! I was another stray sock that I had.

Yes, the nose is only a tiny bit big...

I love how he sits like he had too much chocolate hahaha...

And this is the whole packages that will be shipped tomorrow (or so I hope...)

As my friend is hardly ever online or surfing the net for no apparent reason, I know I can blog about this without her finding out too soon ;) I also bought a card that says '30 today!'... only a little bit late... I really hope she will like her presents!

Oh and btw, I dont post a tutorial on the sock creature, mainly because it is explained so well in the book that there is no way I can improve that. Or maybe sometime in the future... but if you're looking for something fun to do, this is highly recommended!


  1. I love your sock horse!! He is just too cute! This is a great way to repurpose the socks that don't get eaten in the dryer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cutest sock animal EVER! I need that book! So glad I hopped by from Someday Crafts. Best, jenn/rook no. 17

  3. He is adorable! I want him! Did you name him? I think he needs a name...

  4. That horse is too cute for words!

    thanks for linking up!


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