Ode to the Leaf Dress - a creation of a lifetime

Today I have destroyed my leaf dress. It was a little emotional as it took me six months to make for the Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands. After wearing it on a few occassions, it got a little dirty and was unwashable with it being based on a wedding dress, and also because I needed the petticoat for the Mombi dress, I decided to destroy it. It only took a few minutes, and it's only slowly kicking in, so this is an ode to my leaf dress - a creation of a lifetime.

The creation process, take one wedding dress (chopped in half), make a ton of individual leaves, and start sewing them on, row after row...

After row after row...


Until the whole skirt is done

Then finish all accessories and have a friend take pictures of the whole thing


                                        (photo by Paul from the sewing group)

After which some serious parading around at the EFF is needed
                                                          (photo by Hans at the EFF)

And the London Underground Theme Party as Royal Oak Tube Station

And at the Beltane Bash outside the British Museum

Now, after this afternoon's destruction, this is all there is left of the skirt. It is a little multicoloured as this was the second pimping it has been through.


Now all I have to do is start the Mombi dress and today I finished buying all the fabrics. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start cutting and sewing :)

Normally I wouldnt buy half of these fabrics, but all this totally matches the pictures of the dress I have so fingers crossed it will work out :)


  1. Thanx Bitterbetty,
    Yes I know, it was a difficult few minutes... shame that it took so much longer to put it together than it was to take it apart... But the Mombi dress is progressing quite well, I hope you've seen it. So hopefully I will have another beautiful creation. *here goes hoping*

  2. What an amazing dress!

    Submit it or a the new one in my Handmade Halloween Contest - starts now!

    Party and Entertaining Inspiration


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