EFF Arcen 2011 - Professional Pics

Hi all!
Like every year, I also had some pics taken by photographers that were walking around the EFF, shooting pretty much anyone willing to pose. I need some practice (dont I always) but of course I was more than happy to pose. Not a lot of people asked in comparison to last year, but we still got a handful of photos :) Better late than never, so enjoy!

Photos from Saturday:

Photo by Tom Bombadil (sorry I cant find the business card with the actual name!)
Love the way the eye thing worked for a change :)

Photo by Marga van Belkum

Photos from Sunday:

Photo by Aartwerk.nl, we had only just arrived and I didnt sit down properly so the skirt didnt show nicely but all in all the pic isnt bad. Very innocent vampire LOL.

Photo by Fok.nl, we're actually the first pic on the website!
This is my friend Mandy who came dressed as a Naga, we had such funny pics together :)

Photo by Zeburaman
Love this one, but the hair on the hat annoys me so much... It was the wind and I hadnt noticed...

Photo by Spektakel.nl, again we're the first photo on the site with the article! This is such a funny picture though. Her teeth are great for scary shots like this!

Photo by Denise Offringa
Of course we had to have the annual kissing photo also. I did have one with the zombie dress also but that looked much more disturbing. This one is so much more romantic :) :) :)

So only a few photos this year, but still some lovely ones, or at least I think so. Hope you liked them also! Now I will definitely shut up about EFF, at least until I'll start making the next outfit for EFF, hihi!


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