Halloweening - The Coolest Table Set Ever!

Hi all,
Yes I know I was supposed to blog about the big present to my old boss, but I have to share this with you first. My blogger friend Nancy from Quilt Sew Shabby made some gorgeous Halloweeny table items the other day with placemats and napkins and a table runner made out of some very cool fabrics in blacks and grey. It was the coolest! So naturally, being a follower of her blog and loving this table set, I commented and told her how much I liked it.

Today I came home and there it was! Nancy had sent it to me as a gift!! The gorgeous Halloweeny table set is mine, all mine!!! I was so pleased :) I need to go over to her blog and find the post to link to her no doubt better pics, but in the mean time check these out:

4 fabric napkins, each side is different (much better than mine which I just hemmed, LOL) with cats and something that looks like a tree

4 placemats, I already picked my favourite :) There is one with cats, one with verious witches, one with a lady at a large table and this one with the large witch (my favourite!) - better pics found here.

The table runner with one side of the dining people and a dark grey border and the back is the witchy fabric without a border. Better pics of the table runner can be found here.

This is the entire set, isnt it great?!

Sorry for the not-so-great pics, my battery is nearly gone and I spent most of the evening watching tv and making another Halloween onesie for a friend on Saturday. Plus I really want to go to bed now...

Thank you again Nancy for this wonderful present!


  1. You lucky girl! I love your loot, they are awesome :)


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