Halloweening - Costumes - Snow White's Wicked Witch

Hi all!
I wanted to do a costume week with ideas and pics of costumes I've made. I just dont have the time to make yet another one, so this year will be a 'recycled' one. Recycled out of my closet I mean LOL. I havent even started planning my party yet, and with over 20C here at the moment, I cant start carving pumpkins yet either. Oh my, this year will be interesting ;)

In 2003, I held my first ever Halloween party and as it was such a hit, I held another one in 2004. Having no sewing machine or any decent fabric shops around (I was in Dublin at the time), I used what I had and shopped for the rest on a budget. This is what I came up with:

The Wicked Witch in Snow White when she gives Snow White the apple.

I had this black velvet cloak on hand, wore a black top and a black long skirt, bought a long grey wig and a witchy nose, and drew some major eyebrows on my face. This was pre-contacts so I had to wear glasses but I like the end result.

During the course of the evening I kept losing my apple, so it was a good thing I had hidden them all over the apartment to have one at the ready at any given moment ;) I felt very pretty, well UGLY in my wicked witch costume which was perfect and took very little effort. So you see that it doesnt always have to be a major work of art to look the part :) Something I need to be reminded of sometimes hihi...

Watch this space for more costume ideas, recycling/re-combining tips in my costume week!


  1. So nice to meet you! Sounds like you like Halloween costuming as much as we do. We have a huge stash in our basement and our married kids come and borrow some every year. I loved reading about your zombie makeup and hair because this year my two grown daughters and I will be zombie brides. I bought 3 used wedding dresses at a thrift store and we are going to mess them up a bit and have fun on Halloween night. Two years ago my one daughter and I dressed up as vampires and wandered the yard. Too much fun.


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