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Hi all,
I have only started decorating the apartment last Sunday which of course meant I had to tidy first... Oh my was that messy! LOL... But now it's all tidy (well, except my hobby area) and sparkly clean :) Which of course meant that my blogging time was interrupted a bit, but I did come across some older pics of yet another easy costume that I made for my very first EFF all the way back in 2006. Much has been learnt since then...

As this was the first time I went to EFF and I had to get changed on the plane (there was a sight), I decided on an easy fairy costume. I used a teal coloured sleeveless velvet dress with a cloak in the same colour which I happened to have. It was a sortof netty material so very fairy -like I thought. For wings I used some wings I had bought a little earlier. These were amazing wings! They were made out of wood, some sort of support thing which I now think may have been corset boning, and paper and glue. As these wings were 3D and didnt fit into my suitcase, I had to take them as carry-on in the plane. Can you imagine the comments I got on why I wanted to bring wings into an airplane??? Hahaha, hilarious!! So I did the hair and the makeup on the plane and it ended up looking like this:

It was insanely cold and I had to buy gloves onsite. Luckily the dress allowed me to wear a longsleeved top underneath which was then hidden by the cloak's sleeves. The scarf matches by accident... It's not a Tinkerbell-like fairy, maybe more of an elf creature (I didnt have the ears yet at that point) but I liked it :)

The best costume that day was this one, Sauron from LOTR. It was AMAZING!!! I think this was all styrofoam but the amount of detail was just astonishing. Over the years I have come to know the person inside a little bit, albeit only from these events, and they always spend a lot of effort on their costumes. So cool!

If someone wants I can take better pics of the wings if you need some inspiration :) Hope you liked this simple costume also, sometimes there just isnt enough time to make a fantastic outfit.


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