Halloweening - Pirate Bath Mat

Hi all!
OMG, only 3 days to go until Halloween weekend! Well, you didnt actually think that I would only celebrate on Monday now did you? ;) I still have so many projects in the making and I just dont have time...

Today I went to a few shops after work and bought some small supplies. Spiders for my wreath (my first ever, now there is a challenge!), a cool scarf from the £ store which I'll use for a table cloth and which I am sure will look wicked, and some other small things. I even found a CD of Stevie Nicks in the £ store :) Good music to carve by :)

Remember my bathroom transformation from last year? Well, this year I decided to add some finishing touches. One in particular I might add. I made some cool bottles which of course remained there indefinitely...

See, arent they cool? The spiders have needed some re-glueing but all is fixed and still looking piratey

The whole bathroom (read: loo) looked great except for an awful bathmat that I'd bought some years back. It was turquoise, bleached from the washing, and other than keeping my feet warm in the morning (you know) it was really ugly and useless.

See what I mean? Awful... The bf hated it so much and has begged me to throw it out multiple times.

So from scraps from the Blood Elf dress and the black medieval dress, I made this:


LOL, I've had these remnants for years and I am so glad to have finally put them to good use. I know the design isnt great, I dont have a Cricut. I tried printing stuff from clip art but kept forgetting where I put it all the time, so the whole thing is freehand. For the shape I just copied the old (and somewhat misshapen) bathmat. The rickrack was also still on hand so this was completely free and frugal :) And most of all, the bf loves it! And it keeps my feet even warmer than the other one so it's definitely a hit.

Of course I also had to do some carving, and this is tonight's result:

I love it! This was actually the design I wanted to carve yesterday but the other pumpkin didnt match so well. This is so cute I think!

Task list for today: done. It's nearly midnight and I have only just sat down to blog and then I have to go to sleep already. Oh my... but tomorrow we're having leftovers for dinner and there will be no shopping so extra time for Halloweening, yay!


  1. You have, and please take this as a huge compliment, the ugliest spiders ever! Ho ho ho and a bottle of Rum! ;) Ye scallywag!

  2. Love the bathmat! And I LOVE "Halloweekend!" Have fun!!!


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