The Last Day of Summer Dress

Hi everyone!
Did you have such lovely weather here also? It was about 30C here last weekend! Which meant: shopping! No, not the beach because the entire country was on the way there and there was just no way I would spend 2 hours in the train to be stuck in Brighton on a stoney beach surrounded by a ton of people. Oops, did that sound negative? Plus it was time for Halloween shopping! Although I have to tell you that Halloween shopping in 30C heat is weird!

So now that it was all nice and warm, I had a sudden rush of inspiration and finally knew what I would do with two dresses I had.

Dress number 1, bought a few months back at the charity shop for only £2 and exactly the hippy mini dress I was looking for and it was even in my size! Made out of sheer material, so comfy and with ruffles on the bottom and puffy sleeves.

Closeup of the print, so boho :) Only problem is that it's see-through...

Dress number 2, made out of some kind of all stretchy material, about knee-length, bought in 1999 in China for about 50 RMB (which was soo cheap!) I remember searching for the stall to get it and I couldnt find it anymore! But I found it in the end :)

Closeup of the colour, isnt it gorgeous? I have worn this quite a bit, over things, under things, layers, unlayered... it had a tiny hole which I only saw at the wrong times... But for some reason I didnt wear it very much anymore.

And suddenly I knew it, I would cut the purple dress to the right length, hem it all stretchy so it goes all wobbly at the bottom, and layer these! So I got to work :) No pics of the process and my sewing machine decided to not cooperate at all. In the end I told it I would win anyway so it might as well do what I wanted and then it worked :) Yes, I talk to my sewing machine...

Anyway, once it was finally done, it was off to the shops! Of course there was no one around to take a piccie of the final dress so I tried taking one with the self-timer at the tube station.

It was so comfy! Just the right length and very floaty and hippy style :) Dont I look like the relaxed London traveller? (trust me, travelling through London makes one all but relaxed!)

Once I had reached the first of my many destinations that day (I crossed London twice) I actually saw a pumpkin!

This was a MASSIVE pumpkin! And only for £12.50! But I was only at the beginning of my trip so I couldnt exactly lug a heavy pumpkin around ;) The colours were great though!

I went to the hobby shop also to get some Halloween stuff and I got lots of small things to bake with. Not so much for sewing but then I really dont need a lot anymore :) Pics will follow of the end result.

Today it was already colder and by Friday it should be 15C again so this was definitely the last day of summer... well at least I had the right dress for it! :)


  1. Beautiful dress! Just trying again to comment! Hope this works!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! They both look amazing together =D


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