World Zombie Day 2011 - London

***Contains zombie gore makeup pics so please be careful with children reading this***

Hi all!
Another part of my wonderful weekend was World Zombie Day 2011 - London. Just like last year, and the 2 years before then, we dressed up as zombies and walked around central London to raise awareness for St Mungo's Children's Hospital and maybe even get some people to make a donation or two. No, we didnt 'collect', we were much more subtle and scary like that LOL.

This was another great chance to wear my zombie outfit which just keeps getting better and better. The first year I was zombie pre-prom queen, with a bathrobe and curlers. Very simple (although there is a backstory in the creation of that outfit LOL). The second year I was zombie fairy, much like last month at EFF (without the petticoat) although it was not a hit. Last year I was hippy zombie in the same dress, and this year just elegant zombie (prom, wedding, you name it) in again the same dress as EFF but with different hair and makeup. I'll post a list later on, I have an idea for it already. Anyway, I got so many compliments! :)

Since this year we were SO many, about 600 or so, not entirely sure, it was difficult to get the group pic or many funny pics. It was just too crazy... but I did find a lot of pics on FB of myself in funny situations so I'll share those here to give you an idea of the day. Since these are all snapshots, I hope it's ok to share them like this but if someone claims ownership I will of course give credit where credit is due. You curious about this year's walk yet? ;)

I left at about 1ish, 30 mins delayed but my stupid contact wouldnt stay in properly and needed to be changed. I managed to make a child cry just by passing (hilarious) so I knew the look was a success at least :) No offence to those with kids but it was just too funny!

Upon arrival I met Steve whom I only ever see at LZD. World: meet Steve. Steve is the ueberzombie and knows all there is to know about zombie makeup especially and has come to my rescue many a time. He has also managed to convince me to actually look disgusting for the first time ever... This is him adding the final touches to his gruesomeness.

Of course he needed some help with the mirror...

Check out the result! So wicked! Good thing the aforementioned kid didnt see him LOL

Brenda and I sharing an early snack (Brenda is yet another person I usually only see at LZD. Good thing we have FB!) Loving this pic btw, so funny!

Once everyone was made up and ready, the speech was held (how to behave etc) and we did the zombie hokey-pokey as always, of which I stayed clear as it would have been a disaster in my massive dress. Extremely cool banner though held by Steve the Zombie. You know how in the movie Dodgeball they have Steve the Pirate? Well, we have Steve the Zombie hihi

On the way, I could really everyone. This the noodle guy who kindly posed with his noodles. This year he had also brought a cauliflower, too cool!

I also met this guy, apparently this was his first year and he was a zombie slayer. Obviously he wasnt very intimidating as I am smilingly chatting away LOL.

Phew, all that walking really makes me feel like a zombie...

Time for some posing. Check out the peeps in the background, hilarious!

Then it was time to go to Piccadilly Circus statue which for the FIRST TIME EVER was too small for all of us and we had to rotate the entire group on and off the statue to get everyone into the picture. Needless to say that in the chaos that ensued no actual good pic can be found at the moment... But this is a nice one of me that I took myself, it shows an iconic London landmark at least and by that I dont mean me! LOL

Speaking of iconic landmark, they zombiefied the statue a bit by climbing up the statue and sticking a plastic zombie hand in the angel's crotch. OMG... I wonder if it is still there...

Trying to look dead... I think I was too tired to look dead LOL

Then on to the next pub, because this actually is a pub crawl though my dress was a little inconvenient for the loo so I just had a HC towards the end of the evening... Look, there was even a Where is Waldo zombie! Hilarious! Whenever someone spotted him they would say 'found him!' So funny :)

On the way to Trafalgar Square for the obligatory statue climb (which the police didnt allow in the end), I spotted this sign and of course had to use it! I love this one, think it is very anti-marketing hihi...

That's all as far as my pics are concerned... I took about 60 but a lot of them are not too great or similar to these. FB went mental the last few days and I was tagged a LOT which is really great as that means I looked really dead for a change hihi... But to get an even better idea of the day, check out this video which one of the zombies made. I dont seem to be in it, but dont let that spoil the fun!

Afterwards I went to a spontaneous sci-fi pub quiz where no one was actually surprised to see a zombie show up to the pub. Make you wonder hihi... but I had fun and this time I actually got a tube home. Wonderful day, wonderful zombies, excellent organisation :) Roll on the next one!


  1. You do SUCH fun things! It must have been an amazing site - all those zombies around the city!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Halloween celebration.Thanks for sharing these wonderful picks.


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