The Room and M&Ms

Hi all!
I had such a fantastic weekend! Lots of me-time, well with others but mostly stuff I'd been planning for a while so it was really nice. It started off with Friday evening where I went to central London to see The Room.

This is the movie poster. This is also the worst movie known to man. It is so bad it's great!

There are so many things wrong with this movie that I cant even begin to explain it but you can find a really good description here (warning, it contains some spoilers). One of the best parts is that this is a real participation movie a la RHPS but instead of throwing toilet paper you thrown plastic spoons! Hilarious! Really, if you ever have the chance you MUST go see this. 'You're tearing me apart, Lisa!'

Once all the tearing apart was done and we all left in stitches at Tommy's wonderful (ahem ahem) acting, we all headed our separate ways home. The tubes were a nightmare of course so we had to walk a few stops further and passed the M&M store which is quite new here. We had to enter :)

Check it out, they had purple M&Ms!!! Totally goth M&Ms, me likey :)

Some proper English portraits ;)

And my friends inability to work a Blackberry as I'd left my camera at home LOL. No, it doesnt have a touch screen... so sorry for the blurry pic, it wasnt me who moved! ;)

Ah my hero! (never realised how standing next to something yellow would make my face look so pink)

They already had the Christmas deco for sale and I spotted this cute M&M bauble, so easy to make! *wink wink*

This is the thingy where the Beatles cross the road. In this case, M&Ms and my friend in his usual pose. Dont you think he looks just like the blue M&M? ;)

There was absolutely nothing Halloweeney in the shop except the Halloween mixed colours of M&Ms which were only black and orange. Added some purples of course and took some home to share with the injured bf.

Preeetttyyy! Plus I never had purple M&Ms before :) But at £21 a kilo we're taking only a few at a time... this little bag set me back about £7. But it's purple so a must, and peanut M&Ms are the best. Well, for lack of many other options anyway.

By the time we left the store, the tubes was only getting worse and by the time we reached the next tube station, it was closed. And it wasnt even midnight yet! So as I didnt want to have to take several buses, I took a cab home with a friendly cab driver who kindly waved some of the fee when I told him how much money I had on me when I got in and he said he'd get me home even if it was a little more. How sweet! There are nice people in London sometimes :)

All in all a great night with fun, laughter, spoon throwing, and purple M&Ms. What an excellent end to an annoying day at work :)


  1. an M&M's shop!!! cool! Now I have to go and check out this movie trailer - I've never heard of it before!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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