Halloweening - Costumes - a Dream in Blue and Gold

Hi again everyone!
Another trip down memory lane, a costume I put together but not made myself... Do you remember this photo from the Practical Magic Blog Party? (I have to admit that I still have to go through all the links, I do apologise to all the people who have already visited my party, I will swing by soon!)

I called it the 'water nymph' at the party as from this angle it really looks like one LOL. The hair I made myself mostly. At the time my own hair was nowhere near this long so I bought a piece with dreads in my own hair colour and made woollen dreads from merino wool in various colours. I had bought a ton of colours and would swap the dreads according to the outfit. This hairpiece contains several shades of blue, black, and gold and blue ribbons. On top of the dreads, I added cream and black brooches because they looked really cool and had hangy bits, some blue and black flowers, and the same horns as I used for the leaf dress but had now painted with black instead of green. And this is just the head! The choker is made out of a black velvet ribbon to which I've added small blue silk roses with my glue gun. Of course the fairy ears were a must also :)

The main bit of the costume was this gorgeous coat that I got at the Angel costume sale (a sale by professional movie costume makers Angel's and I had to queue for a few hours to get in but I got some nice things and this was the best part. This coat was probably in some movie of other but I have no idea in which one). So now I didnt make this myself but it looks fairly easy, it is basically a quilted coat. I added the ribbon around the waist to give a bit of a more flattering look since this coat was gigantic. But I was comfy and warm and looked lovely (in my own opinion anyway). Underneath I wore a hoopskirt covered by a black taffeta skirt and a blue and gold corset (hence the blue hair). The coat turned out to be way too heavy for the hoop skirt which didnt exactly stay round, but all in all it worked. I added some gold metallic fabric to my usual handbag as well as blue roses to match the dress. Even my unbrella had matching roses.

This is another nice picture of the coat while waiting in the queue to meet James Marsters. Yes, this was at EFF 2009 and he was visiting. We ended up being on the wrong side of the queue but we got there in the end.

He even complimented me on my outfit, but I was way too shy and in London-mode as in 'just get the picture done and over to the next person'. Only later did I notice that everyone was talking to him etc... *pout* I dont think I made a good impression at all. But I have my picture at least :)

I know that this coat was purchased, but it would be wonderful to make as well :) It is certainly great for all types of weather and I got a lot of compliments on it.


  1. What an amazing coat! I wonder what movie it was from!! They should have labels on them telling you!!:)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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