Chinese Food Feast!

Evening all!

I finally managed to get my dress on Today's Creative Blog :) Never knew how to do it, but now I think it's ok. Now lets hope someone will actually read it LOL

For an unknown reason, I decided today to create a Chinese food feast for the bf. After all, he has been extremely sweet and patient with me during the whole dress stress and happily (I hope!) lets me craft away in my little corner which is slowly expanding to 90% of the living room... *picks up fabrics here and there* As I've lived in China for a while a good number of years ahp (oh my, how time flies!), I like to think I'm not too bad at actually cooking Chinese food.

So, here is a picture of 'the feast' (I dont have a dining table so the presentation isnt fab but it was very yummy)

We had sweet and sour pork, spicy sechuan pork, pointy cabbage with oyster sauce, tomato and egg, and black bean chicken. Enough so I wont have to cook tomorrow ;) Yes, there are Chinese names for them also but I've forgotten half ofthem and I really dont want make a complete fool out of myself on the WWW. I was going to share recipes etc but am extremely sleepy this evening (it's so cold here in London!) so might have to leave that for next time.

Good night all!


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