Feature - Lauren's Hand-Made Paper Flowers

Hello, me again!
Yes, I know, at the moment I only have 3 official followers on here, but I'm hoping that that might change someday. A lot of people I know read this but dont follow (which I guess means that they're checking weekly or so to keep up with all my posts LOL) so I thought I'd post this anyway.

My first feature!!
(not me on someone else's blog, but someone else on mine)

Last week at the Craf Mashup, I met Lauren and her paper flowers. Immediately we had to exchange blogs of course and boy was I impressed! She kindly showed me some of her work and it is well wicked! She makes these gorgeous paper flowers which would look great in any room or wedding bouquet and (for me the best thing!) they dont die!! She also does workshops so if you're feeling crafty, check her blog and visit one of her workshops.

Her blog is http://bookwormeatsflower.blogspot.com/
Her online shop is BookworkEatsFlower.etsy.com

A great example of her work: her wedding bouquet! Stolen off her Flickr page (hope you dont mind Lauren!) for you all to enjoy and be inspired by :)

Isnt it wonderful?

Ok, back to my sofa now, I've earned it! LOL


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