My first knitted creation

Yes, I finally learned how to cast off during the last Craft and Do meetup, so this was my chance to finish my test knitting strip. Of course I didnt want to just throw it away or totally take it out again, so I made something. I made a hair flower accessory :)

This way you dont see all the mistakes and I still feel like I'm going somewhere with this :)

What do you think? Sorry, no tutorial pics as it was really just a 'knit-while-watching-tv' sort of thing. In the end, as I was out of wire, I slip-stitched wool in the bottom and pulled really hard. Voila, a rose :) I added a glass bead in the middle as an extra highlight, and I really hope it looks nice in daylight also ;) It's actually burgundy and not pinkish as the picture shows btw...

Oh yes, and I fastened it with one of those metal clicky slides that I got off ebay a few months ago.

So, what do you think?


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