Scrappy Clutch by 'From an Igloo'

It took a lot longer than expected but I made two scrappy clutches today as found on From an Igloo's great tutorial here. I thought it was really cute and a great way to use some of the fabrics I still have lying around. I didnt exactly use scraps as such, more fabrics that I've been dying to use for a while and now had the perfect excuse :)

My reason for making this was that I have a pink (!) plastic bag for my sewing for at work and on the go and I really dont like this bag. Enter cute button fabric that I bought a long long time ago :) So what do you think?

I lined it with purple polycotton which I had leftover, and it also has a purple zip. I didnt use the fleece like she said but simply because I didnt have any, so it's only cotton. I also made a little felt bag for my scissors out of cat felt I had lying around and had never dared to use.

Yes I had to tweak the colours in the photos a bit to show the design better as the flash took most of it. I also made a small bag for spare thread, also from the same cat felt.

So this is it, the whole pack for my on-the-go sewing :) The needle book, scissors, and thread, all in my handy new clutch bag. Yes I am pleased :)

Oh yes, I also made one for my mother's birthday which is soon but as she reads this sometimes, I cant show you just yet... So psssttt! ;)



  1. Very cute! Thank you for linking to it!

  2. I love the cat felt!! Found you through Something I whipped up Monday, and I'm following you now to see what else you do with your fabric stash this year!! (I'm trying to use things up this year too!!)

  3. I love love love that cluth. I would use that clutch as just a purse as well. I have alot of my sewing thread and ribbons in plastic ziplock bags so something like this would be super cute to carry it around in.


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