More Tube Card Holders - My first sale!

Last week someone at work admired my tube card holder and asked me if I could make him some. He actually paid me for it!! He did want a custom-made with embroidery and I feel like I totally undercharged him, but I'm so pleased that someone actually ordered them! So these are the three I made for him (one for him, one for his girlfriend, and one for his friend). Oh yes, Ajani is the name of his son, he wanted it embroidered on it.

Today I handed them over and he loved them :) As this all happened at my very stressful job, he didnt look pleased at all but when he came over during lunch he said he really liked them *feels better*. The girl who the green holder was for, went on and on about how she was going to use it as a needle book. Now of course that is not a bad plan, but as the inside of this holder has fusible interfacing, it might not be the best idea... Oh well, at least she liked it! :)

Yay my first sale!


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