Steampunk Outfit in the Planning

One more thing before I log of to get some much needed rest (well, depending on how well I can get to sleep after my Dr. Pepper rush of this evening).

For EFF Arcen, I am going as a Steampunk Couple together with the bf. As he is not the biggest fan of dressing up, this is a good middle ground and I dont have to sew too many time-consuming and complicated things. And so I've been looking around for a few months and getting some ideas. Fabrics are here already, also gathered over the years as I wanted to make this dress for various parties which I have already missed. So frugal = good and still in progress :)

The only things that are done so far are actually purchased items. One of the charity shops near my house has a big sale every few months where they offer everything for £4 one week, £3 the next, and so on until everything is £1. Of course the good things are gone by then but you never know what you can find :) A few months back, I happened to spot the £1 week and went in. I found two blouses perfect for my steampunk costume! One is a size 12, has a high collar (good for wearing a tie with):

The other is a little tight, has golden hightlights and a deeper neckline.

Am not sure which one to choose, so I fixed them both. For the bigger one I took in the sleeves a bit as the whole thing is rather large which might work if I'd put a corset over it... the smaller one had a tear in it which I also fixed so both are really ready to go. I think I'll test it after I made the skirt. But not bad for only £1 each!

Also, my wig arrived on Friday!! After months and months of searching, I found the perfect one :) For some reason I really wanted ringlets and there is no way that that would ever stay in my hair, so I checked everywhere. Ok, perfect would be this one in auburn or brownish but this is close enough.

I got it on ebay for £10. Yes I know, not entirely frugal, but I dont have a trip to Berlin planned to my favourite party shop so this had to do. The wig is actually a little longer in the back than shown here, but I figured I can always pin it up somehow or something. I'll make it work somehow :)

Amd so, the Steampunk Outfit has officially begun... Now I just have to finish my orders of tube card holders and then I'm off :)


  1. Oooh I love dressing up! My brother used to make the most amazing costumes when he was at uni! Mine weren't so good!


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