Pincushion Tutorial #2

Wow it's like super late already but I just had to make this extremely cute pincushion as well :) See the fn of tidying is finding stuff and I discovered a whole pack of crafting felt that was nearly unused. Cue pincushion making :)

I wont actually post the entire tutorial here, as the one I will be linking to is from
Homemade Mamas and it just THE BEST! I'll post my progress pics on here though :)

So... check it out, this is my African Violet Pincushion:

How did I do this? I just followed the exact instructions on here:

I used a mini honey jar from Bonne Maman which has the perfect size I think. It actually turned out a tad bigger than planned bu it's still lovely :) Well done Homemade Mamas!! I will of course be linking back to you as well.

My progress is here:

Now go onto the actual tutorial and make yourself one, these are so cute!


  1. So so so cute! And we're so glad our tutorial worked out so well for you! Looks great!!

  2. How sweet and cute idea! Thank you for linking to my party!


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