Randomly found: the BEST picture of the EFF

Before I forget, you're not going to believe this... When I was at the Elf Fantasy Fair, several people took my photo (which was great for my ego of course! LOL), and I managed to find most of them. Dont get my wrong, some of the ones I found are really good, but as I was surfing the photo competition for EFF last night (it actually isnt a competition anymore now but I'm a little confused as to why), I came across this photo.

At first, I just flicked past it, and then something triggered my brain (yes that happens) and then I realised: THATS ME!!! I usually wear glasses and dont have black hair and this has been shopped to the max so naturally I didnt recognise me straight away. But I LOOOOVE it :) So I just had to share.

All credit goes to Flip van der Meer who has taken the photo according to the page I got it from.

*huge happy smile*


  1. Great pic and thanks for the comment. Yea it hurts and hurts more today :( I soo have to show you a pic of me as a farie!

  2. Email me here and I'll send it to you!


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