Cupcake Finger Pincushion Tutorial

Hello again :)

While surfing during lunch at work, I came across this fantastic tutorial for a pincushion for on your finger! I was planning on making one for on my wrist, but this was just too cute to pass up :) The original tutorial comes from the blog Shannon Makes Stuff and can be found here.

As my way of making this varies a little from her instructions, I will quickly show you how I made it. First I made two holes in a bottle cap with a heated nail (that way the nail with just melt through the plastic, much safer for me as I am very clumsy with a hammer!) This will be your cupcake base.

Then I added elastic by looping it through the holes.

I then glued some felt onto the bottom to make it sit comfy on my finger. I made a slit so the elastic could still come through.

I cut a circle out of brown felt for the cakey bit of the cupcake (chocolate of course!), stuffed it with the infamous blue foam of the bf's Warhammer supplies, and gathered the felt around it.

I then glued this onto the inside of the bottle cap.

So far, it should look like this:

I then cut out a random shape out of pink felt to make the icing. Yes, this is going to be a miniature version of the large cupcake I made a few weeks back.

I sewed this by hand onto the cupcake. I didnt glue this as the pins wont be able to go through the glue.

I then cut out a small red circle, stuffed it with yet more blue foam and gather the felt around this to create the cherry.

I then sewed the cherry onto the cupcake and taadaa: a cupcake finger pincushion :)

I actually made two as one is for my friend who has just kindly sent me photos of the London Zombie Walk last year in which I participated. She sews a lot as well and doesnt read my blog so she wont know yet until the mail arrives later on this week.

Check out Shannon's blog for more extremely cool projects :)

Happy sewing!


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