Halloweening - Baby Pumpkin Outfit

Hi all!
OMG this is my 300th post! I knew I talked a lot, but 300 posts? LOL... Well let's get cracking then shall we? As I am sure you are all aware, Halloween season has started. Yay! But because life is so busy right now I just havent really gotten into it yet. Oops...

However, remember the baby booties from a little while ago?

Yes these :) Arent they the cutest?

Each pair has a matching onesie and no, I wont blog about each and every little things about this set although... I kind of already have ;) hihi... But the pumpkin ones on the side are part of a pumpkin Halloween outfit for a colleague :) I didnt manage to include this in the Stashbusting September but it is too cute not to share.

I asked him first if he would even put it on his daughter as I wasnt sure he even liked Halloween, but he agreed so I made him this:

Isnt it the cutest? I made this set from leftover fleece from the Halloween house suit (really must post pics someday) and the green was still leftover from the gloves from the leaf dress.

I used Martha Stewart for the size of the head since I never really made a hat like this one for a baby. I just cut two semi circles (ok kind of semi circles, they're not exactly circley), and added the lined on the sewing machine. I sewed 4 small triangles together to get the stem and hand-stitched this onto the hat.

For the pumpkin onesie I cut out a piece similar to a pumpkin and sewed it onto the onesie. Since it doesnt fray, I didnt use any or the iron-on material (the name eludes me, sorry) and just sewed this straight on adding the lines to create the pumpkin look. I put a small triangle on the top overlapping a little bit for the stem.

The booties were made with the usual pattern and I added green ribbon which I cut to get it frayed a bit to resemble more nature-like greenery and two pumpkin buttons that I had bought at the S&C show a couple of years back.

I love it! I really hope it will fit and that my colleague will like it and use it for his daughter. :)

The entire baby present will be given to him tomorrow so fingers crossed! I will post final pocs here and let you know what he thought. At least his daughter will be all Halloweeny :) Another friend just had a baby boy and I will be making a zombie onesie for him so I think I will share pics of that also once it's done. Have to wrap the present now!

Oh and by the way, if anyone has had trouble commenting on my blog, I have removed the word thingy after being told the comments dont stay, so please feel free and comment away, it should work now :)
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  1. GREAT outfit!! I just love the halloween booties! You should make adult versions of those too!! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Hi! Thanks for your nice comment over on my blog. :) The booties are SO adorable! I love the Halloween set. Great idea!

  3. It's really cute, hope he shares a picture of the baby wearing it with you:@)

  4. That is just precious! I love holiday themed baby outfits, I hope we get to see the baby wearing it too!

  5. That is one lucky baby. Sometimes I get jealous that babies and kids get to wear all the cute stuff! Thank you so much for linking it up to my Terrorific Tuesday blog hop!

  6. Awww....GEEZ those booties are so CUTE! They look super soft, too. The whole ensemble is fabulous. Thank you so much for visiting my site and becoming a follower. I sure would love it if you shared this project at my halloween link party at http://igottacreate.blogspot.com !

  7. This is adorable! What a cute gift! It's perfect for a little baby b/c it's really hard to find a costume small enough...I'm trying!


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