Easy and Cute Felt Needle Book

My last project of the day was a felt needle book. This was actually the project I couldnt stop thinking about for the whole week what with the yoyo-making at work and all, I always tend to put my needles in the thread and that's really annoying...

I came across Little Birdie Secrets Blog which has lots of fun and easy projects. She had the best tutorial on the cutest little needle book that can be found here.

As per her instructions, I started by cutting out the pieces of fabric and got to work. I actually wanted to make one with a cat print as I still had that and havent found use for it yet. But as that involved going to the store far far away and buying black felt, I opted for other colours that I still had: Burgundy with cream and lavender. Not a bad combination I think.

After a few tries (yes, the thread wasnt cooperating), this was the result. Not bad in comparison to the original :)

The inside is made with two layers of felt to be able to carry even more needles ;) I opted for having on needle per 'page' so that I could have the thread in them still. Extremely handy!

Thank you Litte Birdie Secrets for this great tutorial!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I really really need to make a needle book!!! And this one is really cute!


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