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Another Phone Pouch

Hi everyone!!
I did it! I left the house this afternoon :) hihi, not so weird you may think... BUT! I have spent the last several days inside, eating and watching tv and just enjoying the fact that I dont HAVE to do anything (well, the usual laundry and cooking but on the whole that is really minimal). I really wanted to sew or bake or something but I really didnt know which project to sew first and I figured my waistline is not going to be happy if I bake much more, especially that cinnamon bread. That was just to die for!

So today I dropped some stuff off at the charity shop (really, I cant recycle/re-use everything!) and I just happened to catch the tube in time for the hobby shop. Oops... *angelic smile while polishing halo*. Strangely enough I hardly found anything for myself. Really, the items on sale just didnt appeal to me at all. But then I literally bumped into a shelf full of discounted Warhammer paints! And a ton of the colours the bf needs to his Warhammer projects. And all…

Our Christmas 2011 + Recipes

Hello again everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with friends and/or family and lots of food :) As for me, it was quiet but relaxed and nice. Well, I didnt have to cook so it was definitely relaxed, hihi...

Because I HATE travelling around this time of year (really, someone is always on strike, flights are packed or delayed, luggage gets lost, and my present never fits into my suitcase), the bf and I just stayed home and had some nice food, some presents under the tree, and a LOT of television for the last few days. I had honestly forgotten what it was like to just sit around and don't do much at all! Slowly but surely the work-stress is leaving me and I seem to find myself baking a lot. Joy for my creativity, not so much for my waist line ;)

At the moment it is 1am and I can't sleep. Luckily I dont have to work tomorrow (am off for nearly another week, whoohoo!) but it might have something to do with a coffee I had at 1pm today... and of course I only just realised th…

Christmassing - 2011 Preparations

Heyhey everyone!
OMG it has been so long! So sorry for not being online more, but work has been insane these past few weeks. BUT today my holidays have started and I can finally relaaaaxxx... well, after cleaning the entire house but maybe I'll start that tomorrow ;) As you have realised, I havent really been sitting still and Christmas preparations are well underway. Christmas Eve is tomorrow, oh my! So let me show you what I've been up to:

I put up the Christmas tree

Used some of my collected jars to make new Christmas lights for in the stairs (still prefer the Halloween ones though!)

Made 19 (!) Christmas crackers

Made cookies in a jar as a present for the girls at work

And upcycled jar lids to make some Christmas tree decorations for some people at work also.

See, some projects were still done ;) I will share the how-tos and links later, need some nice sleep now where I know I dont have to get up for work in the morning. Whoohoo!

Homemade Pepernoten

Heyhey everyone!
Wow it has been a while... We went on holidays a couple of weeks ago and even though I had pre-blogged to keep all of you entertained while I was away (does that sound very bad?), I didnt actually manage to blog since we returned as I caught a really bad cold on the way back and was out of the running for a couple of weeks. Now that I am a little better I'm busy buying Christmas presents and trying to find time between work and social life to make some as well for friends and family who have been promised some handmade gifts. Aaarghhhh! So busy!

In the meantime, tomorrow it's Sinterklaas. To be fair, I dont really have the energy for it right now, but I do want to celebrate at least a little bit. So why not celebrate on Sunday when we have the whole day for it? Because I just spent the entire day trying to buy presents before the major rush starts... So tomorrow morning I have to decorate the house before I leave for work and then in the evening we do the presen…