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Medieval Day at Skirmish 2011

After having completely failed to go to the Festival of History, we managed to go to Skirmish 2011 with some friends for a day out. It was a 2-hour drive but well worth it, we had a blast! In total the bf and I took about 300 photos but I made a small selection for you to share this lovely day. The weather was perfect (it should be 28C at least tomorrow which is way too warm, today was a nice 22C) and it wasnt too crowded which was bad for the merchants but great for us Londoners who wanted some nature and peace and quiet. And jousting and fighting hihi...

A bit of history on Skirmish. It used to be called Joust and be organised by the Mediaeval Baebes together with the owners of Berkeley Castle until the big flood a few years back which bankrupted the entire thing(click here for a hilarious video of someone waterskiing behind a horse across the flooded fields). About two years after said flood, a new group took over and started organising Skirmish. It is still relatively small compar…

Mod Podge Shoes

Once upon a time, in a country far far away... Australia to be precise in the year 2001. I bought a pair of black officey shoes for work. Over the years, as I moved from country to country, these shoes somehow always followed. They werent the most comfortable, or the prettiest shoes, but they served their purpose.

Then suddenly they started to look really bad and dishevelled and I was actually quite embarrassed to wear them but they were the only completely black dressy shoes I owned (I hate shoe-shopping). You see, I always lock my heels underneath my desk chair, and when I then move the chair, the ridges drill into the heel and scrape off the leather. My current office shoes are Docs and they have a wooden heel, much better LOL.

See what I mean? It looks awful... I was really quite embarrassed... In this state they were quite ready for the bin. I only realised this afternoon that I had kept them for the Sally Dress as they were perfect for that! Well, not anymore because...

I pimped …

Homemade Sushi!

At Saturday's HYPER JAPAN, I bought a make-your-own-sushi kit as a souvenir to myself. Today I had this massive craving for sushi and just had to try :) So I went online and checked some recipes and instructions and tips and bought some last minute stuff at Tesco. The fish monger there assured me that their salmon is sushi grade which was excellent as my backup was crab sticks (salmon sounded better LOL). The bf was away so this was my chance to see if I could do that and possible only poison myself if anything went wrong. *grin*

So after two hours (!) of making rice and moulding sushi, I finally have a plateful :) I am so proud! Not hungry anymore due to constant nibbling but so proud! And it tastes yummy too if I say so myself. The egg sushi (keep forgetting the name) still needs perfecting and not turn out quite so brown but the taste is great!

Yes very pleased :) I didnt make the dress I was supposed to make but at least I have fresh sushi, hihi. Curious? Check this out:

LOL this…

Stains On My Top? Where?

Hi all! I just love fixing stuff that doesnt take long ;)
A few years back, my mother gave me a top that she no longer wanted. It was white (not really a colour I wear a lot) and had some sparkling details on the side (OMG...) but it was comfy and I was cold so I kept it. And for years I've been wearing said top at home to veg. Until it became so dirty that I just couldnt get the stains out anymore. Dont ask me what it was that made it so dirty but all the washing in the world didnt help... I was about to throw it away when I thought I could fix these stains in another way :)

Remember the Halloween tea towels? I am keeping all my Halloween fabrics for the Halloween quilt (that I really must start one day, it's been 3 years and counting...) but I had a few small pieces leftover from the towels. So I just covered the stains :) Well, the worst of them anyway... So now I can wear this top again and look cool to boot. What do you think?

This is it :)

The worst stains were near the nec…

EVEN MORE Boy Baby Clothes!

Really, someone needs to start having a girl so I can make something in pink! LOL... Another present was required for someone at work and once again it was for a baby boy. Specific request: blue. It took me a while to get an idea but here is what I ended up with:

I chose several different fabrics and designs and pulled it all together with blue/white striped cotton details.

I made another tie onesie like I made for the twins.

Combined with baby trousers with a lovely edge. The leg on the right should have had to detail the other way around but by the time I noticed it was already too late... It looks assymmetrical but I measured and I can guarantee that it is not :)UPDATE: I just realised that I sewed the wrong sides together making the legs really long and the 'bum' bit smaller than intended. Oops... should still for a newborn right? First time this has happened but then I did make this close to midnight...

I really wanted to make the booties again and bought some blue fleece to …

HYPER JAPAN 2011 at London Olympia

A few weeks ago, I found vouchers on Groupon for Hyper Japan at the London Olympia. I'd never been at this paticular fair and since the bf really wants to visit Japan, I thought we'd go here as we cant really afford the real thing right now ;)

So after a super busy crafty day yesterday (more on that in later posts), we got up early today and arrived the London Olympia at around 10.30pm. There was a bit of a queue but we only had to wait for about 5 minutes and that only because the people in front of us couldnt locate their ticket LOL. Even so it was definitely a record for London!

Anyway, back to the event. We got in, we walked around, we saw a TON of cool things and had a blast :) We took so many photos but here is a small selection that describes most of the day:

Being the Hobbit that I am, I spotted the candy stand first. Check it out, coconut M&Ms! Have never seen these before... Didnt try them as hate coconut, but still very cool :)

I just love this photo, it's so pu…