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We Broke the Record! Though Not An Olympic One

Hi everyone! Oh my it has been ages since I last posted! So much has happened and not happened at the same time... I've been really ill for about 2 weeks with sinusitis, then was kind of ok again for a week but still coughing my lungs out, and then back again on antibiotics for a week. Luckily I think it is actually clearing up this time. Sadly because of all this I haven't done any crafting and all the events that I wanted to post about have just been piling up on my computer. But have no fear because I am back! And this time with bells on :)
So let me tell you about this great event last month where we actually broke a world record!Two friends and I drove to Hastings, on the southern coast of England. Well, they drove, I slept in the car, hihi! It was official Pirate Day in Hastings and there was an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of most pirates gathered in one place :)
People arrived from all over, they even came by dingy!
Behold our little group, complete with…