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Happy Queen's Day 2012!

Happy Queen's Day everyone!
Today is our one and only national holiday in Holland where we all dress up in orange and have a great time :)As I'm in London and not in NL, I celebrated a few days early (well more like a few weeks) as they had the House of Holland Dutch Day in Trafalgar Square two weeks ago. It was so much fun!
 The bf was away so I went alone, but I had tons of fun anyway. The entrance alone was very promising, with poffertjes, friet, and Dutch beer :)
I just had to have poffertjes straight away! It was still very early and not a lot of people were there yet, so there was no queue, always a benefit ;) They were a bit pricey (£4 for 8 poffertjes), but it's not like I can have these every day. By the way, if you want to know what a 'poffertje' is, click here) And no, we NEVER eat these or pancakes with lemon! Yugh... 
The weather was gorgeous, and Lord Nelson made sure it would stay that way ;)
Check me out! All in my orange kit, and with my tiny oran…

Busy But Inspired Weekend

Hi everyone! The new job is keeping me busier than I thought and somehow I don't get a lot of crafting done, other than practice knitting on the tube... but that doesn't mean I don't do crafty things :) I have some things in the making and I really hope to be able to share them with you soon, so just hang in there please. I also haven't had time to make anything for the April giveaway, but that will also be listed soon. Fingers crossed I'll manage it all, hihi... 
I had a wonderful weekend :) It started off with a sushi dinner around the corner as a little celebration, and on Saturday I spent the afternoon with some ladies from the craft group at the hobby shop. Saturday evening was reserved for the sci-fi meet but I couldn't stay very long as the bf had cooked his amazing chili so after a busy day of shopping and socialising, I could just come home, fall onto the sofa and have a great dinner. He is so sweet! *swoon* Sunday was supposed to contain the sci-fi c…

Chocolate Festival in Southbank

Hello again everyone! Originally I was going to show you my gorgeous (albeit pink) finished quilted bag, but sadly I still need to work on it a teensy weensy more. All I need to do is sew the top onto the bottom and I would be done but alas it is not meant to be done today. I was going to bring it along to the show and tell at the sewing group tomorrow but I guess I'll have to bring something else now. Oh well, more to blog about next time!
On the other hand, this post has been long since coming and I've mentioned it quite a few times already. Sorry for the delay! Easter has passed already, but just about a week before Easter I was in town and I had an hour to spare before my next meeting so I thought I would walk around Southbank for a bit. You know, enjoy the sun, the view of the Thames, and the moving statues. Yes, it was sunny then ;) So as I'm walking towards the pier, I see a crowd and lots of stall, my natural response of course being 'oooh market!'. I love…

A Weekend for Everything

Hi everyone! I have had such a busy weekend! It was filled with pretty much everything: socialising, wargaming, creativity, shopping, and bargains. I even managed to start a new project and learn a few things about knitting. So I may not have posted many completed projects yet, but I'm working on a lot :)
 The weekend started with Salute, a wargaming convention in Excel. This is an exhibition on miniature strategy games like Warhammer and the likes, and the bf really wanted to go. This was clearly a guy thing as the first stop was the pub!
 But once inside there were some cool things, like this Burton-style scenery. No idea about the game, but it looked nice :)
 Yes, I managed to find the only pirate in the building, and he even wore a handstitched coat!
 The Black Library stand got a lot of attention... 
 And of course a peek at the Forge World stall could not go amiss. (aren't you impressed how knowledgeable I sound? hihi)
 One of our friends who were there also was wearing…

Redrawn Let's Pretend It's February Giveaway Winner

Hi again everyone, I have tried and tried to contact the previous winner Robin about the giveaway but alas to no avail. So I decided to select a new winner :)The new winner is: Aik!

Aik was good enough to include her personal email in this comment (not shown here) and it looks like this prize is heading for Malaysia! I will be contacting Aik shortly to make sure that this time the price will actually go out :)

Beautified Hair Combs

Heyhey again everyone! Oh my, it's been a whole week since I last posted anything! My new job is keeping me busy and I was trying to finish some projects too. Plus the weekend was so much fun, but more about that in 2 weeks in my post about Queen's Day. Yes, I'm already planning it :)
For my 'return' to blogland today, I wanted to show you something I made a few months back. I haven't shared this earlier as I was waiting for a good picture of the result and finally I have one :) Are you curious? This was a very spontaneous and unplanned project really. I've been working on hair accessories for myself for a while now as you may have read if you've been a follower long enough. I bought clips and combs to decorate with yoyos, felt bats, and other cool creations. At one of the creative meetups I regularly go to, one of the members had just tidied her craft area and found a load of small boxes containing gemstones she no longer needed or wanted. And can you…